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ABS CBN Shared Service Center

The ABS-CBN is a Broadcast Commercial Television Network. ABS-CBN means Alto Broadcasting System Chronicle Broadcasting Network. The television first aired on the year of July 1953, and it was launched in the year of October 23, 1953 when the television network was aired and launched the Filipino people have the privilege and the chance to see for the first time the true meaning of broadcasting and it was available nationwide on that year. The company was founded by Mr. James Lindenberg, the owner of the BEC. He was the first to apply for a license to the Philippine Congress to create television station in 1949. With the help of his effort to begin a television in the Philippines his request was granted on 1950. Since television company at that time has a severe Import controls and the lack of raw materials that needs to be used and open for a TV, later on it ended for a Radio Broadcasting instead.

James Lindenberg, owner of BEC, was the first to apply for a license to the Congress to establish a television station in 1949. His request was granted on 14 June 1950. Because of the strict import controls and the lack of raw materials needed to open a TV station during those days, Lindenberg branched to radio broadcasting instead.and the two key people responsible for the airing and launching of the said company were Jose Agustin C. Benitez JR the head of channel 2 Sales and Ma.Socorro V. Vidanes which is the head of the channel 2 Mega Manila Management. For almost 5 decades of continuous airing and giving people the information all around the globe, the company has a slogan which says “In the service of the Filipino” which up to now is still their best trade secret in the industry.

Another service the company has is the ABS-CBN Shared Service Center. It is also an exclusive subordinate of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. It was assimilated in 2008, and the ABS-CBN Shared Service Center Regional Operating head office was located in Singapore, but the operation is in ABS-CBN Broadcasting Compound is in Eugenio Lopez Drive Quezon City. The office in Quezon City is the in-house shared service center of the stations that gives services and supports the businesses requirements in local, regional and global services of the station.

ABS-CBN Shared Services is located in:

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