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Accallade International

Accallade International is a privately held business process outsourcing corporation whose sales and marketing operations is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Accallade International has opened its operational service branch in the Philippines. While Accallade International is relatively new in the Philippines, its management is comprised of senior level sales experts and operations managers that have more than 20 years of experience in international contact center operations and sales management. Among Accallade International call center premium partners and clienteles included AT&T, Avaya, Wells Fargo, Qwest, Sears, and Ford.

At the moment, Accallade Philippines is swiftly moving from conventional low-margin, and unstable call center outsourcing projects. Instead, Accallade International is focusing its marketing efforts on the latest emerging market trends in the US and United Kingdom primarily offering sales, account management, and customer support for companies affiliated to Accallade. Through this, Accallade International call center is able to establish more stable long term clientele that specialize in particular market niches. The cultures and values of companies are as diverse as the culture and values of individual customers.

Accallade International specializes in sales and marketing, which constitute the bulk of its operational activities. This is because Accallade International believes that the sales and marketing operations of a company is the principal vein that produces income.

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