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Accent Training Tips

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Call centers in the Philippines not only focus on teaching basic English communication skills, to which most Filipinos are already familiar. They also focus on teaching accent to simulate the English accents of the particular market that they are serving. English speakers have different accents. There is clear difference in the way Americans talk with the way British people speak. Here are some basic tips to improve one’s accent.

Listen to how the English is spoken. If you want to learn American English accent, watch American movies e.g. Twilight, etc. If you want to learn British English speakers, watch British films e.g. Harry Potter. While watching, carefully observe their mouth and lips as well as their idiomatic expressions.

Because accent forms part of communication skills, the only way to learn this is through practice. Imitate and practice the way Americans, British or Australians talk. If you can find famous dialogues in the film which you imitate, then do so. Practice is the only way for you to get it perfect.

When speaking, breathing is important. Learn how foreigners breathe while talking.

Don’t speak fast. One misconception especially among Filipinos is speaking English fast is the way to imitate. There are times when you speak fast but for the most part specially when giving a service in a formal manner, you are expected to speak slowly and clearly for the customer to understand your words.

The best way to adopt a language is to immerse yourself with native English speakers. If you have American friends or British friends, surround yourself with them and communicate with them. In no time, you will be able to adopt their accents.

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