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Accenture acquires Zenta

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Accenture completes its acquisition of Zenta, a residential and commercial mortgage processing services in the US , last November 2011. The acquisition is to some degree in part of the company’s contribution in the loss mitigation efforts in the mortgage servicing industry, which was plagued with insolvencies following the sub prime mortgage crisis that triggered that US financial crisis last 2008. More importantly however, the acquisition provides Accenture a central or major role in the mortgage origination business.

The acquisition of Zenta had earlier been announced on August 2011. This business strategy promised to considerably expands Accenture’s position to provide assistance to lenders, processors and real estate investment trusts (REITS) in equipping and simplifying processes, thereby improving customer satisfaction and profitability in relation to current market conditions.

The expertise and competence of Zenta in terms of mortgage processing will complement Accenture’s credit services particularly in residential and commercial mortgage. It will also help support on Accenture’s plan expansion to expand in the auto financing and leasing services. The acquisition of Zenta affords Accenture with the benefit of adopting its processing systems which among others can help customize lending to the specific needs and amounts, address target cycle-times and decrease related expenses, and craft a more sustainable and proficient process system in the long-term.

Combined with Accentures customer service capabilities, the fusion of both companies can easily address typical lending problems such as payment delinquency and mortgage foreclosures. For Accenture employees especially in the call center industry in the Philippines, this translates to facing the challenge of collecting delinquent payments of subprime mortgage loans, among others customer related services.

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