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Accenture BPO Philippines

With over 250,000 agents serving 120 countries around the globe, Accenture BPO is one of the most renowned management consultancy and technology services and outsourcing companies. With the right mixture of broad experience and extensive capabilities in practically all industries and business operations, the company is the most preferred partner of successful companies to achieve high-performance.

“High performance business” is founded on technical and business expertise that is framed on sustainable development for all stakeholders of a company. Accenture BPO Philippines offers its services to intensify operations in existing markets to augment revenue, to facilitate entry to new markets and expand company operations, improve operational efficiency and deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently. As a most trusted brand in global outsourcing, the company is currently in partnership with 92 of the Fortune 100 companies of the world.

Stewardship, Best People, Client Value Creation, One Global Network, Respect for the Individual and Integrity are core values of Accenture BPO Philippines that form its organizational culture and describe its character. Its strength lies on its broad industry knowledge, extensive and growing service offerings, proficiency in business transformation, technological skill and innovation, strong commitment and deeply experienced professional teams, with which it help its clients progress every aspect of business operations

Accenture Philippines is a vital component of the company’s global delivery network. Its Philippine centers are currently manned with over 25,000 highly trained professions that deliver services at the fork of business and technology. The centers in the Philippines had been operation for over 25 years. With its profound industry knowledge and well tested capabilities, the centers serves the marketplace with a broad range of services such as Application, Infrastructure and Business Process, and bundled outsourcing with utmost efficiency and excellence.

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B says: I don’t think most of you are from Accenture. As you know, lahat ng kilos ng empleyado ay naka-process which is teaching everyone discipline and instilling the core values. Kung talagang tiga-ACN kayo, why not tell your HR Reps? Hello, may policies even for your grievances. Sorry pero wag nyo na damay ACN sa mga ugali nyo LOL. Anyway, may idea naman talaga pag from BPO kakaiba ugali unlike from other workforce. Check yourselves first before you complain 🙂 Umalis na lan kayo kung marami kayong arte. Maraming naghahanap ng work, give them your seats.

unknown says: yah loosers nga un mga nagpopost dito against sa accenture, pero sa nakikita q my point cla as if nmn n my mangyayri if they will confront the hr db? somehow this might be the right way to avoid personalan.

some my friends says that accenture focuses more on their transcripts.. once you have 1 or 2 failing marks in collenge… beat it!

BPO job in accenture ATLANTIS Department. ang taas ng standard nila sa paghahire ng employees

Rules are rules … if you are not happy with a company then why stay?!? Salary’s low then go find a high paying job … nobody’s forcing you to stay … better yet build your own company 🙂

Is there something wrong on that said project huh? Bakit hindi nyo na lang ireklamo at patanggal ang mga supervisors nyo na mga yan kung totoo yan. Hoy mga duwag ba kayo? At regards sa sahod, e di magresign na lang kasi kayo or in the first place hindi ny

you know what the root cause of the prob guys?? Someone in the business should know this.. and when he found out he should address this to all concerned associates

being in the same business (BPO) for about couple of years now, these has been rampant because of some selfish reasons, most of the times it’s rooted deep into iNseCurity as welL..just to ouTgRow other helpless ones..

ano ba kau mga chatters, maganda padin sa accenture

Mag-stay parin ako dito sa company na to kasi inaalagaan nila mabuti mga tao nila. Nirerespeto at hindi masyado ang superiority.

ano yan Atlantis DSL ba yan?

sino ba sa mga sups na yan ang meron care na i-train ng maayos ang mga tao nya?

It’s very obvious that comments like these came from some QTR peeps.

just bum around. It’s obvious also that certain peeps are out there for personal reasons/grudges I urge that these guys have the courage to speak to their sups about it. Speak out and be heard else you do not have the right to complain.

connected with this company…

This has gone off hand … there was never QTR vs. Ops and for the record kung kinawawa talaga sya sa leadership meeting as mentioned

YES I AGREE WITH you, but I guess the employees whose posting unprof comments doesn’t know that site because they weren’t IT professionals. They belong to the service workforce and not on ATS division, meaning they are mere graduates of BS Finance, Busin

pwede ba ko mag apply dyan? pano? may ulam allowance din ba?

I pity you people. Just happen I checked this site and its amazing to see that my former colleagues are acting weird. Good thing I left this company. And a little observation, when I read the name “diego”, I already knew who these guys are referring to. T

The management should do something to stop these people from destroying the project. I do not take sides but these two people are pests that should be exterminated from the project.

accenture should be more careful in hiring people because your employees who are putting comments here destroys the name of your company.

How much is starting salary ? W/ Peoplesupport 13thou+1.1thou rice allow. Yun lang. After 6mo. 15thou + 1.1 rice allow.

Interesting…hmmm…how are we going to apply?…okay ba kahit walang call center experience?

magkano ang mga suweldo sa accenture call center? yung benefits nyo pano?

may kilala ako HR Assistant cia sa Accenture GT Tower P10,000 lang ang offer sa kanya!

i was a former accenture employee under solutions workfoce(IT)nlagay nila ko sa programming language na di ko natutunan nun college, pero adjust p rin ako sa training. 51 participants,4-6 na team leads

how much do you offer for a call center agent? how much is your basic and allowance?

8th Floor Cubao Cateway APS BPO Charter Account. In behalf of subcontractual employees..

Nag pre-employment exam ako kahapon, pumasa so interview na pagkatapos. Parang ok naman tapos nong narinig ko na 280p per day habang training at 12,000p pag permanent eh napaayaw ako. Na turn-off ako sa Accenture. Associate software developer habol ko

im no employer of this accenture, but if things like this happens at this firm, why stay here? better move to another firm na lang like JPMORGAN whose offering a better salary and good benefit…

I worked with accenture ACCS-BPO. It is my 3rd call center. And from top to toe I could definitely say accenture may not be the best but it is the finest in giving benefits. maybe others were given a low basic salary, but in ACCS BPO we are truly blessed

Im applying for the Data Process Analyst. After i have passed the exam i was supposed to have my interview the next day. When i asked if i could have it by Friday two days after passing the exam. I recieved a text message before Friday that my application was hold up and wait for an email regarding my application. The somebody called me up last Wed and asked me if i am still interested with the position. So when i came this morning the interviewer told me my application was noted that “Im not interested” Super baba nga ng allowance dito. But i get to passed the evaluation i may think about it carefully before i accept the offer. Sounds fishy sa HR processing palang. Bakit may ganitong mga tao ng bias/crab/unprofessional. What’s happenign to the call center industry here in the Philippines? Kaya ba mostly lipat ng lipat ng company ang mga employess dahil sa mismong nasisirang sistema. Bakit hinahayaan ng mga investors masira ang call center industry reputation dahil sa mga unreliable na HR.

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