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Accenture Healthcare Processing

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Accenture Healthcare Processing is a Business Process Outsourcing unit of Accenture Inc. that specializes in providing business process outsourcing services to the healthcare industry. This BPO unit is currently handling services for top five healthcare companies in the US. The names of these healthcare companies are withheld for confidentiality.

The services offered by the Accenture Healthcare Philippines basically pertain to healthcare processing support systems. This included enrollment processing, evaluation, collections management, customer support, medical claims processing, availment processing, accounts reconciliation, billing, documentation, interface with physicians, and any other services that involves the processing of insurance, Medicaid or Medicare services for individuals or for corporate accounts.

Accenture Healthcare Philippines also provides human resource management for the healthcare industry which constitutes of administrative support services for personnel including facilitation of benefits, payroll preparation, personnel documentation, among others.

Accenture Healthcare Processing is composed of young and dynamic workforce under competent and seasoned managers. Since, the processing system of healthcare are basically established by clients, Accenture Healthcare Processing essentially provides the manpower resource that will implement, facilitate and work on the processing per se, thereby allowing its clients to focus on their core operations of improving their products and services and expanding their operations, while simultaneously reducing its operational cost, which help companies to make their services to the people more affordable and reasonable. In this way, Accenture helps healthcare companies make their services and health coverage more universal and more accessible to people.

Accenture traces its roots to the General Electric’s Appliance Park facility in the 1950s, with the installation of the first computer system in the US. It became a technology consultant and systems integrator by 1980s and became one of the pioneers of providing online BPO services during the Internet boom in the 1990s. The company categorized its specialization by industry namely, Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Health & Public Service, Products and Resources. Accenture Healthcare Processing, Inc. which was created in 2002 specializes on health and public services.

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