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Access Meridian Contact Solutions

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Access Meridian Contact Solutions is one of the newest call centers in the country today. Access Meridian Philippines are experts in providing different services like Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, PR Company. Advertising in different ADS in prints and media, different Marketing business Strategies and others, and when it comes to promotion again this is their expertise.

Access Meridian Contact Solutions presents to their clients the different services their company has, these includes the services such as inbound calls. The inbound services includes the customer service, it is an essential section of the company’s value proposition these can be measured with the agents patience in calling customers in dealing with their concern about a certain product. Customer service is very important for the business to prosper, because this is the time that their clients are calling the company about their companies services, this can be measured if they are satisfied on the services they render to them, in return Access Meridian Philippines must goo beyond their clients expectation when it comes to services they offer with them.

Another one is taking the order; order taking call center gives Access Meridian the full advantage about their resources by allowing the customers to call a number to speak to a live person and may ask questions about their concerns. The agents are well skilled in managing different calls form different individuals, by means of interacting with the clients the agent may again upsell or cross-sell in the process. The third is the sales and upsells, again the Access Meridian Contact Solutions employees are trained to market and sell additional products and services with higher value levels, in this part the customers are well inform on the products they are intend to purchased and at the same time the product that they are interested to buy is much less in the market.

Next is the Lead generation, this includes the collecting data on the potential consumer interest in the product or services. The records can be used by Access Meridian Philippines sales and can such a way can be generate sales opportunities. Another is the Tech Support, The help Desk Services, the Appointing Setting, Surveys and Market Research and many others. Services of the Access Meridian Contact Solutions are user friendly for their clients to use in their services.

Access Meridian Contact Solutions call center is located in:

  • Access Meridian Marikina
    2nd floor WRC2 Building
    Gil Fernando Corner Dragon Streets
    Marikina City Philippines

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  1. MJ Del Rosario Reply

    where in Marikina City .. what is your exact location

  2. Belinda Zabala Reply

    I’m 48 y/o and no call center working experience, willint to be trained and to work as a call center agent. I’m undergraduate of college of commerce, Spanish curriculum. I’m residing in San Mateo, Rizal, a single parent with 15 y/o daughter. my mobile no.09128909089.

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