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Acknowledgement Lines for Call Center Agents

Acknowledging clients is a fundamental element of customer service, which should be given the moment a customer walks in the door or in the case of a call, an agent receives a call. In most cases a recorded script is used to acknowledge a call from a customer, which often explains that all agents are currently busy at the moment and the customer is asked to patiently wait until an agent becomes available.

In which case, the acknowledgement line is apologetic in nature for the unavailability of an agent. An effective acknowledgement line will make or break the call at this juncture. It can either disappoint a client to put down the phone or it will prompt clients to wait patiently knowing that they will get a personable attention. However, the acknowledgement of a client does not end on greeting students. It is also provided when customers are leaving the company premises or in ending a call. When a client leaves, customer representative leaves the customer with a cheerful goodbye which is important for developing good will and loyalty.

The main rational for customer acknowledgement lines is to make one’s customers feel important or valued by the company. And indeed, customers are really special because they are the principal source of income. There are different ways on how to acknowledge a customer depending on the situation. For instance, a simple greeting of good morning or good evening will do.

If the customer is asked to wait for a while, an acknowledgement would be to receive the call of a customer, make the necessary greeting and tell that an agent will be available in just a moment. The idea here is to provide positive words that can ensure that client that an agent or person from the company is available to give a helping hand.

If in case the client had been waiting for sometime, it would be important to acknowledge the waiting or the patience of the customer for waiting to show that the company sympathizes on the customer’s distress for the wait. What is important in acknowledging customers is the company’s sincerity in empathizing with the client and apparently, the quick response of the company to make an agent available that will provide service to the client.

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