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Acquisix Philippines

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Acquisix Philippines specializes in marketing to assist the high growth start-ups of global companies through the acquisition of new customers and retention of the most important customers. Following the Pareto principle, Acquisix call center learned to identify which of the market of client should it need to focus its efforts to ensure the best optimum profits. Acquisix Philippines does not make the false claim of providing perfectly equal type of customer service to all the clients’ customers. Instead, Acquisix Philippines selectively identifies the top 20% of the market which is the top customers and establishes long term relationship with such clients to ensure the stream of long term growth and profitability. Nevertheless, it provides equal quality customer service for the remaining 80%.

Among the services provided by Acquisix Philippines include lead generation, designed to help clients establish sales pipelines. The key to lead generation is knowing the client’s business well to that Acquisix can professionally represent the client. Telemarketing on the other hand entails a deep understanding of the sales process beyond cold calling, upselling or cross selling. Telemarketing entails knowing the market and knowing how to match the needs of the market with the product offerings of the client. customer win-back had become a specialized service of the company because of the strong competition. This entails knowing not just the client but the industry and its competition to come up with a formula that will distinguish its client from its rivals.

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