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Ever since its founding in 2005, Activa Media Philippines is recognized as one of the trailblazing providers of web-based marketing services. The company started with only four skillful and talented individuals who are passionate enough when it comes to creating value for the client through the use of online marketing solution. Over the past ten years, the company have grown and nurtured an excellent team of more than 60 employees in scattered in 4 countries. This team is composed of experienced marketers who have outstanding knowledge and understanding when it comes to online marketing for the wide range of industries that the company’s clients could possibly be in.

Activa Media has already extended its services across Asia – Malaysia in 2009, Indonesia in 2010 and the Philippines in 2013.

Products and Services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website in search engines by means of the organic search results. Commonly, the earlier and more often any website emerges in the search results list, the more visitors it will obtain from the users of the search engines. Activa Media has a team of engineers who are experts and has the perfect understanding on how to utilize the most effective and ethical methods to increase the clients’ websites’ organic search results.

Web Development
Web Design – the company has a pool of talented individuals that can produce a professional website from scratch. These people can also do re-designing and overhauling the client’s existing website and convert it to a professional, traffic generating machine from an unproductive expense.

Search Engine Marketing – Activa Media can also provide services that will allow the websites to not only be searchable in the search engines, but also to be on top on the search list.

Copywriting and Marketing Writing – Activa Media’s writing services will make the websites more professional, as the company believes that nothing gives a website the professional feel like a written copy.

Flash Animation Design – websites nowadays are more catchy and interesting because of flash animation designs. Activa Media can also provide services that will allow the clients’ websites to use flash designs to make them look more advanced.

Internet Marketing – advertising and promotion through the internet involves dedicated expertise. The clients of Activa Media can acquire more exposure on their websites through Google advertising campaigns. The company handles everything – from choosing the essential keywords to handling the budget and campaign.

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