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Adapting to Night Shift Work

Sleep deprivation is one of the major problems in night shift work especially in the call center industry. Agents and employees are then encourages to adjust to a night shift schedule in order to cope with or adapt to the night shift work. But how exactly do you adapt to a night life?

Adapting to a night shift means changing all your timetable to fit the night schedule. For shifts that start at 10 PM, night dinner before work becomes your breakfast, then you’ll have lunch after midnight and your supper in the morning. More importantly, you schedule your sleep in the morning till afternoon to wake up when the sun sets. Changing your schedule means you schedule your appointments during your waking hours starting from 5 PM onwards. Appointments before that would automatically mean depriving yourself with that much needed rest or sleep. This translates to missing some of the social gatherings that are usually held during the day. Adapting to a night shift work essentially entails changing your schedule.

One of the major adjustments that one needs to learn is how to sleep in the day. There are different ways to adjust oneself to sleep during the day. One can be active during work and exhaust oneself so that gets so tired and fatigue during the day to immediately get sleep. One can also opt to simulate the night sleep by darkening one’s room, keeping it free from noises and keeping it cool which makes it ideal for sleep. To find regular sleep during the day, one should also keep oneself healthy by refraining from smoking and drinking alcohol or coffee excessively as well as maintaining a healthy balanced diet. People who are unhealthy tend to suffer from sleeping disorders.

Many call center agents working at night complain that they have no social lives. Having friends from the same industry will also help one easily adapt to a night shift work. Having a social network of friends and acquaintances who similarly share the same night life, objectives and values with you can help one to adjust to a night shift. It is therefore advisable for call center employees to be friendly and get as many friends as possible.

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