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ADP Philippines

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Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is the world’s biggest outsourcing providers with over 60 years of experience in human resource solutions in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim. With over $9 billions in annual revenues, it is included in Fortune’s top 300 companies. ADP has over 50,000 employees across the world serving customers in 125 countries. ADP basically prepares the pay of one in every six U.S. employees.

The principal service of ADP Philippines is the automation of the human resource management procedures which allow the management of HR support and administrative processes more efficient and effective including the management of salaries and pay grades, tracking benefits, and management of government compliance and reporting. Automation features the integration of payroll services, time & attendance, and talent management. ADP Philippines automated management solutions empower employees for self service solutions which include the ability to review admin records, update personal information and the conduction of performance reviews online. Talent Management Solutions are services that pertain directly to the human resource management team which included Pre-Employment Services. Aside from automated HR solutions, ADP also provides other HR related assistance including tax and compliance (Employment Tax, Tax Credits & Incentives, etc.) The company facilitates and implements Electronic Payment Solutions (e.g. ALINE Pay or Procure-to-Pay) so that employees can conveniently withdraw and use their salaries anytime.

Dealer Services of the ADP Philippines pertains to services that specifically cater to retailers of technology and transportation (trucks and cars). Under this heading, ADP offers Digital Marketing Solutions, Network Solutions and Phone Solutions, among others. Finally, the company also offers Medical Practice Services in support of the Billing & Revenue Cycle Management. This included management of Electronic Health Records (EHR), installation of Medical Billing Software and Practice Management.

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