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Advance Microsystems Corporation

Advance Microsystems Corporationhas been in the industry for thirty years. This existence only proves their competence and effectiveness in the field of business. This firm has generated lots of positive outcomes and benefits to its clients. Other than that, Advance Microsystems Philippines has been known in the field of Information Technology ever since. They offer anything related to computers from PCs and peripherals. This delivers the solutions that surely solve every client’s problem.

Advance Microsystems Corporation does not limit itself to providing IT needs of a client. It also provides consultation services and implementations as well. This also aims to achieve client’s business objectives in their chosen field. Advance Microsystems Philippines makes sure that they can give all the best when it comes to dynamic global market. They also offer convergent and reliable solutions when it comes to their chosen field.

Products and Services
This company is not closing its door to other services that they can possibly provide. In fact, this has been services such as the following:

  • Installation and Facilities Services – This aims to ensure the product compatibility and the right collaboration of one’s personal computer. It also makes sure that the system of a business is functional as well. This type of services tests system and application in order to avoid issues.
  • Maintenance Support Services – This support services provide preventive maintenance. This involves physical checking and cleaning of the parts needed to be cleaned. It also aims to evaluate the performance of a system as well.
  • Network Design and Consulting – This type of service makes one’s network perform better. This creates plans and solutions to issues from a certain object. Then, it designs a plan in order to make one’s performance better.
  • Service Level Agreement – One can attain success in business by simply being efficient and quick to resolve problems using quick diagnostic procedures. It also gives logistics for any services too.

Why Should You Work Here?
Advance Microsystems Corporation is definitely a reliable and competent company that assures you only impressive results. This company always provides challenges to its employees so that their people can be more flexible and adjusted to the field that they have chosen. Advance Microsystems Philippines has also created a good working atmosphere that values its people who are all capable, motivated, and committed individuals who share their values and mission not only as a company but also as individual.

Advance Microsystems Philippines call center office location:

  • Advance Microsystems Ortigas
    11/F East Tower
    Philippine Stock Exchange Centre
    Exchange Road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines
    Tel: (632) 635-4181

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