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Aethelmark Insurance Agency

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Aethelmark Insurance Agency serves as the customer service provider for C-Shield and its products. The agency aims to be the leader when it comes to Business Process Outsourcing in the insurance industry. Through its world-class customer service and support, Aethelmark Philippines is inching closer to its goal of globally dominating the industry of insurance telemarketing.

Founded way back in 2006, Aethelmark was erstwhile known as Cardlink Teleconn. As years pass by, it was rebranded as Aethelmark Insurance Agency and the rest was history. Its steady growth in workforce and services is a testament to the direction that Aethelmark Insurance Agency is heading. The path is already paved for success and slowly but surely, Aethelmark Insurance Agency is reaching their lofty goals.

Talking about telemarketing, Aethelmark Insurance Agency makes the most of its agency pool to provide you with 24-hour customer service. Whenever a question or a concern pops up, our agents are always ready to spring into action and answer your call to provide the necessary support for your queries.

Part of Aethelmark Insurance Agency impressive achievements is its partnerships with established companies like BDO (Banco De Oro), HealthProtect, and Medicard which further enhances the company’s cred among other clients that may be interested in their services. With the quality of Aethelmark Insurance Agency’s customer care services, it’s without a doubt that more partnerships will be brokered with the leading companies in the near future.

Aethelmark Insurance Agency’s vision is to be the most prominent telemarketing agency here in the Philippines. The company aims to hire individuals who share the same vision and wouldn’t stop at any cost until every goal is achieved. It is Aethelmark Insurance Agency’s mission to provide the best customer service support for their customers. The company is hell-bent in prioritizing your clients’ needs through the services we provide, which in turn, enhances the reputation Aethelmark Insurance Agency while boosting its clients’ credibility.

Aethelmark Insurance Philippines call center office address:

  • Aethelmark Manila
    3/f Wellington Building
    624 Plaza Lorenzo Ruiz
    Binondo, Manila

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