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Affiliated Computer Services

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Affiliated Computer Services or the (ACS) is a Xerox company which founded in the year 1998. The type of services they rendered focused on Information and technology as well as Business Process Outsourcing or the call center company.

The ACS has a parent company known as the Xerox Corporation which acquires ACS in a $6.4 billion transaction; the deal was formally closed last February 8, 2010. Affiliated Computer Services serves it s purpose in the business industry as they rank as number 34 on the 2010 Fortune 500 list.

At first the ACS Philippines starts as data service provider to the different financial industry, and later broaden its services into communications, education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, travel and transportation industry. This continued to expand and keep on going as of today. In addition to their expansion program, Affiliated Computer Services ventured into banking BPO services and already signed contract with Southland Corporation well known to the business industry as the 7-Eleven.

After several years of existence in the business they became public company and divested Bank data processing. In the year 1996 the ACS became the 4th largest commercial outsourcer in the US. As of today, the ACS Philippines also known for its Transportation Solutions Group (TST) which gives its services mainly to the electronic toll collection, management of cities parking systems and the photo traffic enforcement which was widely known and uses all over the country.

Affiliated Computer Services Philippine offices are located in:

Affiliated Computer Services satellite offices are located in:

ACS of India Private Limited
Level 2, Creator Block International Tech Park
Whitefield, Bangalore

54/56 avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

ACS Corporate Headquarters
2828 North Haskell
Dallas, TX 75204

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
level 16, Menara Luxor,
6B, Persiaran Tropicana 47410
Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

For career opportunities, please visit Affiliated Computer Services Philippines Job Openings.


ho says: ACS may be afiliated with Xerox (brand) however, if the people working for the company doesnt have the right attitude,U have to be tougher than them to be able to stay longer in the company. Resiliency is the key. Tolerate if u must cuz the co.is pretty ok as wel as the benefits. For guys like me,just b careful .

This company is not promising anything, but the company is excellent unlike any other call centers. This is the largest BPO and Call Center worldwide

i like this company..it’s not that easy to get hired but during my interview here, grabeh! dudes! ang gaan dalhin ng interview.. so pretty and nice nung interviewer..hayy.. ayun! job offer after one day.. easy db!

recruitment process is a bit dis-organized. walked-in this place, filled up an application form, waited 2hrs, only to be sent home and wait for HR’s call

I have a great interest to be part in this company. I can say that this company is a very promising one. nice to start a life with a career and grow…but sad to say I did not made this dream come true. 🙁 I applied DEO, had excellently pass the speed

test, written exam, online test, preliminary interview and “bang” I was dead in the final interview. I was disappointed. The HR relies in her first impression…and we’ve met only once. Computer is my passion. I really love the position, and hoping a lot to have the job. But LiFe that’s it!!! I only hope one day, I’ll be given a call and HIRE me on the spot. Another dream… That’s ACS… only a dream for the people like me to be part in this company. Swear this com

Your company sounds interesting. Magkano naman ang sweldo to start with? Are there any health insurance coverage?

Im currently working right now at ACS as a DEO for Cebu operation.

i think ACS-Cebu just started early 2007 and as a new player, i think it’s a management policy to hire a good employee. i haven’t applied though but unlike the other BPO in Cebu that always call its prospects, i received a lot of calls from a key call center com

I find this company as promising hopefully. However, when I apply this company as DEO I failed the typing speed test. Hopefully, when I re-apply I’ll be hire without any difficulty. I am curently working in one of the outsourcing company however, I don’t

Do you guys know the Director of this company in ITPL Bangalore?

Im proud to be part of this company and it is really a great help especially to my family…

ACS – plays a vital role in our society that leads us more substantial information in IT matters.

where is the cebu branch located?

i am currently employed at ACS…company is good but….. the SALARY for DEO/DTP super BABA…. ala pang allowance. kelan kaya kami magkakaroon….

6th floor skyrise 1, asiatown it park lahug cebu city

Could anybody tell me the telephone number of this company in Cebu City. I passed the speed test and written exam and after the interview she told me to wait for 3 days for my second interview but until now, no call has been made.

i need a landline number of ACS IT park ASAP! i want to follow up my application there!

acs is the best… apply kau d2… dami benefits..

Hi guys! I worked with ACS before. Maganda mag work sa ACS . kasi mababait mga tao doon . right now happy na ako sa bagong work ko Pioneer ACCT. Eh .. its a HILTON HOTEL ACCT> Hotel and restaurant reservation.. Apply kayo dito Guys… kailangan pa namin ng maraming empleyedo….. Intelenet Global Services .

ACS Workforce Manila (Global Command Center) – the best!

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  1. francis stephen b. peralta Reply

    I wanted to know the SSS # of ACS moa site. I needed it for my new job. thank you very much.

  2. Abi Lising Reply

    Good day.
    How is it possible that your ESS in MOA Philippine site doesn’t work well? My partner Arvin Christian P luna works there and renders extremely long hours, Rest day overtime and straight 16-20+ hrs of shift only to gain a pay of 3k when your payroll release it just because your system DOES NOT work well.

    Please understand that these employees worked hard for the salary which translates to giving their family the beat they could. Your company promised a special pay out to ALL affected employees but until now to NO AVAIL?

    If your ESS thing does not work and affects employee retention then why settle for a second rate processing that does not help

    I am very disappointed to know that in times that people exerted effort and in times that you expect that you reap what you sow you will realize that you are looking only for mere sands… Not giving whats due to your employees affects their workmanship and dedication and also helps break their relationship with their family

    I will appreciate a response pls


  3. angel villaluz Reply

    Hi! Please send me ACS MOA site SSS id number. I badly need it for sss medical benefits. thanks

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