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Agama Trading Call Center

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The Agama Trading Call Center is call center company located in Gauteng South Africa. It is a call center company that provides bilingual services particularly in English and Afrikaans and especially cater the South African local market. As a trading company, Agama specializes in outbound calls or telemarketing. It employs experts in outbound telemarketing to help its clients market its business brand, boost up sales and establish sales pipelines through stronger customer relationships. Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing in which a sales group contacts prospective customers to purchase certain products or service over a phone. It can be for lead Generation, or information gathering about the market; sales or actually selling a product or service; outbound or directly contacting prospects to build relationships; or inbound or the receipt of inquiries, orders and requests.

Agama Call center do not generate is own sales leads. In most instances, its clients usually provide its leads and the Agama agents function to stimulate and actualize those leads into fruition. As a company focused on sales, Agama trading provide competitive remuneration benefits to all its agents and employees. Aside from the monthly compensation, commissions are provided to agents as incentives for successful sales. The company also boasts of its extensive and rigorous call center training, which had been used by many professionals as a springboard to get to other companies. Despite this, Agama continuously recruits new graduates in its ranks to share its expertise and improve that caliber of call center employees in the country.

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