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What’s Next After Being an Agent?

While most of the call center agents seem to be content at taking calls every day of their lives, some of them are also thinking of future plans. Working in the BPO industry is not just about making and receiving calls and talking to customers. It is also about handling people, taking the lead, providing and sharing knowledge and keeping everything calibrated. Are you that call center agent who is already tired of taking calls and want to make a difference by doing more for the company? Here are some of the things you can do in the call center more than just taking calls.

Team Leader. If you have that certain charm when it comes to handling people and you are fond of taking the lead, then this position is for you. Being a team leader means you are the one who would handle the agents and be responsible for their stats and their target metrics. You are responsible in encouraging them to make action plans when they have areas of opportunity and boost their confidence to keep their areas of excellence.

Product Trainer. If you are that agent who is known to be the “walking encyclopedia” of all the product details of the campaign you are handling and you like answering questions of your team mates about unusual customer queries, then this position might just be for you. As a product trainer, you are responsible for training the newbies and new hires about the product specifications of the campaign that you are handling.

Voice and Accent Trainer. If you are that agent who is so fond of spotting grammatical errors subconsciously and constantly correcting your buddies about their subject-verb agreement, then this is the position for you. Voice and accent trainer or speech trainer is responsible for the further polishing the communication skills of the newbies and new hires.

QA Analyst. Now, you might be this agent who always gets a perfect quality assurance score every month. You know how to begin and end each your call smoothly and without any hassle, so being quality assurance analyst is the perfect job for you. As a QA analyst, you would listen to the agents’ calls and grade them according to the standard call flow, following of SOP in solving the customer’s concern, and discuss the areas of opportunities during calibration.

Have you seen one of these positions vacant in your operations? Prepare you resume and start stepping up that career ladder.

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