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Air Relay Corporation

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Air Relay Corporation gives an extensive span of assimilated direct marketing answers to some of the nation’s biggest telecommunications financial services and publishing service organizations. Air Relay Philippines agrees to collaborate with their clients on a number of levels from varied program outsourcing.

Air Relay Corporation plays an important role on their respective clients; they have already developed a very successful and well maintained marketing solution for some of the most self motivated wireless, insurance, membership and financial services organizations not just in the US as well as in the Philippines. Air Relay Call Center have achieved the success and well organized organizations by means of a firm commitment to their patrons, as well as their employees. Air Relay’s approach is very simple and plain to fully understand by the people, they hire after they will educate them, they undergo training process, and empower the perfect agent and provide with them the latest technology and needed support all throughout the entire process of hiring and position in different filed of position that best suited them.

Some of Air Relay Corporation services includes the outbound sales and lead generation, the inbound sales and customer services, of course the widely known internet services, interactive internet, the fastest connection to US, Broadcast Opt in E-mail Marketing, the Internet Marketing and others. Air Relay Philippines main concern is to meet or surpass their client’s expectations with the highest level of quality and integrity to their customers.

Air Relay Corporation call centers are located in:

  • Air Relay Libis
  • Air Relay North Carolina
    Air Relay Corporation
    814-B West Innes Street
    Salisbury, NC. 28144 USA
    Office: (704) 983.8908
    Mobile: (704) 244.5575 

For career opportunities, visit Air Relay Philippines Job Openings.


they have good quality sales and their staff is very productive.

air is one of the finests call center corporation operating and still expanding for the satisfaction of their customers. they are one of the hard sellers outbound call center located at eastwood quezon city. though, the leads are so tough their reps a

air relay is the best in terms of being the stepping stone or foundation for being a call center rep. coz of its hard selling campaigns and terrible or used leads.definitely ud improve.

janeth your like a mentor to us!!! thanks for the advice and guiding us!!!

i work before in air..i still haven’t received my 13th month. i don’t know if they have plans of giving it to me

this really is a hard selling company. some of the agents just use arc as their stepping stone to get in to other co.


nice environment and good friends. i’ll never forget arc. thanks! 😛


For those who are telling negative things – If not bec of ARC wala kyo sa mga position nyo ngayon. I’ve been a rep in ARC & Im so thankful!

Well… u can say all negative things but u can’t hide the fact that U learned a lot from this company… If not w/ arc, some of us are nothing

I wish I could still be a part of Air Relay Family…. 🙂

Very good reps….

ARC is d best!

pero in fairness yan ang stepping stone ng mga tao na nasa magagandang call centers ngayon! lolZ…although have some not so good experience here…i’m happy i’ve been here

the people inside this center is very nice, friendly, and true friends

Air Relay Corporation is now closed!(Effective Apr 01, 2008) The company was bought by an American company named GCS International w/ 12 contact centers in US… The company’s name now is GCS Agents Asia Pacific, Inc.

i have worked for air relay since 2003-06, recorder p gamit nun. and i would say n talagang may mga problemang such as d ngbabayd ng sss and etc. pero dahil sa sobrang bonding na para k lang nsa bhay u won’t feel like living the company dahil isa kyong pa

Air Relay, is the first call center that i’ve work with and i really enjoyed my stay in this company. though there are some issues about the companygarding the remittance of the SSS, and it’s true co’z i styeyed there for 1 year and 9 months kso 5 time la

air relay to gcs (bagong name nila) ano kaya ang bago?? DYOS KO!! 1 yr ako dyan pagresign ko 3k ang bakpay at take note wla man lang ako record n binayaran na SSS ano b yan! pwede n idemanda yan ah??!! sana magbago n kayo!!

this company gives opportunity to every one who wants to enter in the call center world even ur not that kind of gud in english and even ur accent sucks they will still give u the chance to improve. galing!!!!!!!

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