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Allegia Scriptworks

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Allegia Scriptworks is a business outsourcing firm that specializes in providing professional Medical transcription services. Allegia Scriptworks Philippines delivers fast, secure, accurate and inexpensive transcription services to healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics as well individual practitioners like physicians, medical experts and researchers. The company understands the importance of accuracy, speed and confidentiality that envelops the industry especially when creating digital records of patients.

Allegia Scriptworks Philippines maintains a large pool of proficient transcriptionists who are well oriented, trained and familiar with medical and wellness terminologies. They utilize the finest technologies for dictation. This is important in order to ensure reliable and on time delivery of services. Every service personnel has extensive experience, professional education and undergoes client orientation in doing their tasks. In order to maintain standards, each personnel must undergo and pass a rigid test before qualifying to become a regular transcriptionist.

Transcriptionists in Allegia Scriptworks are English-speaking and computer-literate. They all undergo formal training in medical transcription before they are hired. Some have hands on practical experience in the medical industry. In which case, those with medical background are just trained to improve their software expertise and experience. Through this, Allegia Scriptworks is able to provide high quality services that are user-friendly, appropriate to client needs and requirements and compliant to HIPAA regulations.

While Allegia Scriptworks specializes in Medical Transcription, it also offers others services including plain transcription, legal and business transcription, academic transcription and other encoding services. The company has a pool of resources which it can immediately tap in order to provide the particular service required by its clients.

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