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Alliance Call Centre

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Alliance Call Centre caters their services exclusively for the tourism industry. Main services they offer to their customers are booking the clients online. In order for Alliance Call Center to minimize their time the company helps the tourist to make their vacation a memorable one. Being able to avoid the hassle in calling a certain company to book for the trip, Alliance Call Centre will definitely help the tourist in getting tickets, accommodation, services etc., online without even dialing the office hotline number. Alliance Call Center will go to work for the tourist for their whole trip.

Tourism Industry in a country is very important for the company to generate income. Without tourism program in a certain country will not be recognized by neighboring countries in the world. Businessman think of a possible way to increase that come and goes in ta particular place. Tourism Industry plays a major role in a country; it helps in sustaining other governmental activities as well as giving budget to the government. It gives an Extra income for others especially for the place that the tourists headed to.

Alliance Call Center offers the best quality ever and most importantly is the budget. They offer the best deal in town. That is why Alliance Call Centre is the most well visited and patronized site in the business industry.

Staffs and employees of Alliance Call Centre are well educated; well trained, well verse and specially they deliver the best services to their clients. They see to it that the customers they handling will be the best vacation ever that the clients deserve for their vacation. They are trying to give their perfect attention in every client that used their services. Positive comments given by their clients boost their performance level up to the next level. Positive responses coming from them are their inspiration to do more good in the business.

Alliance Call Center has been servicing mostly in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, and United States of America and will soon open their doors in the country of Europe.

Alliance Philippines call center office address:

  • Alliance Bacolod
    Door #1, 722 Metropolis Towers
    Mandalagan Bacolod City

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    hey! I’m interested about your company. Do you accept Part Time employees?

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