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Alphalink Global Solutions

Posted on September 9, 2017 | 1 Comment on Alphalink Global Solutions

Alphalink Global Solutions is a business process outsourcing company that specializes in the recruitment of professionals for BPOs and call center companies. This company is known for mass recruitment and hiring because it envisions itself to be the recruitment hub that is accessible to everyone especially those who do not have experience in the call center industry.

Unlike most companies that focus on their clients, AlphaLink Global Solutions focuses on helping applicants get jobs that are most suitable for them. Free training is provided for inexperienced call center applicants for them to be more competitive in successfully landing to a job in the industry. Thus, the company poses itself as the link to a job seeker’s future and success. The free training provided by Alphalink Global Solutions is one of the most comprehensive and intensive call center training that includes the inculcation of the values of commitment, dedication and loyalty, general values that will make an employee excel in customer service.

Apart from providing equal opportunity to everyone to find employment in the call center industry, Alphalink Global Solutions also provides the fastest recruitment process for new call center agents. The evaluation of an applicant is basically divided into four stages namely phone screening, initial interview, examination and final interview. The Phone Screening is an interview conducted over the phone to determines the voice quality of an applicant and ability to respond to the call. The second stage is the initial interview conducted by HR specialist which evaluate communicational skills and the ability of the applicant to express themselves effectively. The examination constitutes the 3rd stage which is comprised of a series of aptitude tests, call simulations and EQ tests. Finally, the applicant undergoes a final interview for evaluating customer service, technical, and sales skills.

Each applicant needed to pass each of the rigid stages of evaluation. Unsuccessful applicants are provided the option of training until they successfully pass each stage of the screening process. Applicants can train again and again until they attain the competency standards set by the company. The screening process will also help assess to what type of call center service does an applicant is most suited to work.

Alphalink Global Solutions believes on unique abilities of every professional and their equal ability to be part of the booming call center industry in diverse positions.

Alphalink Global Solutions Philippines call center recruitment office address:

  • Alphalink Cubao
    11-A Dona Consolacion Bldg.
    General Santos St., Araneta
    Cubao, Quezon City

Alphalink Global Solutions job openings:

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