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Amberbase Solutions Philippines

The Amberbase Business Solutions main service includes customer care support, medical and legal transcription, accounts receivable management, and hosted solutions. It is the widest BPO that offers its services like no other. Amberbase Solutions Philippines also focuses on team management like the floor supervision, program implementation, and the continuous employee development to reach the unsurpassed results for their clients.

Amberbase Solutions Philippines strongly believes that by means of properly implementing all the rules and regulations of the company it will definitely reach it desires to be on top. The ASI sees to it that their clients will be serving well and promote quality services as time goes by. Amberbase Solutions Philippines maintains the quality assurance (QA) that their services provides. Combines different techniques and approaches for them to us. And in order for them to have the comparison, they have to maintain the performance, development and the combine skills that will encounter metrics and income expectations.

The company is open to different approach for their employee to become a good performer on their job. It contains coaching and development, they are very keen on helping their agents in achieving what is good for them, performance assessment, every now and then they have to do this in order for their agents to become effective in their chosen profession, calls monitoring, this is very important for Amberbase Solutions Philippines to every now and then monitor their agents in calling even it is outbound or an inbound calls, because changes or additional information on the product or services they offer to their clients may be important for them to know, call quality compliance, it is also very important for the agents to practice the quality and compliance they are giving to the customers.

In addition to this is the motivation and programs, Amberbase Solutions Philippines needs this kind of assistance to their agents in order for them to work harder. Call center job is not an easy work it includes stress and lack of sleep sometimes may definitely affect the working environment. Programs like team-building is a big boost for the agents to strive hard and not to think of the negative thoughts that is work related.

Amberbase Solutions Philippines call center is located in:

  • Amberbase Solutions Libis
    #5 Eastwood Avenue,
    Eastwood City Cyber Park
    188 E. Rodriguez Jr., Bagumbayan
    Quezon City Philippines

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