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Ammex Philippines

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Founded in 1988 in Kent, Washington, Ammex is a leading wholesaler of different industrial products from metal cabinets, ancillary products, medical product and auto parts across the United States in three huge distribution centers. Ammex Philippines mainly sources its products from China.

More than just a wholesaler, Ammex I-Support provides help companies find, buy, and sell these products. As such, the company provides outsourcing services in production, assembly, importation and distribution. It specializes in providing services to overseas transactions to allow its clients to focus in growing their local business operations. Ammex therefore provide “sourcing” and “logistics management” which services governments and the Fortune 500 companies.

Ammex is composed of a group of companies namely Ammex, Ammex China Direct, Ammex – Weida, Get in the Black and Ammex Print. Each subsidiary provides a specialized function to smoothen and contribute to the overall functional system of Ammex operations. With is international network, the company can help provide QC systems, shipping contracts and distribution programs to help companies get into the global marketplace.

Ammex Philippines was founded in 2005, and functions as the business process outsourcing arm of the company. Ammex Philippines is specifically called Ammex I-Support Corporation (AISC). Ammex I-Support Corporation mainly provides customer support services in a wide area including logistics, purchasing, order taking and processing, monitoring, statistical generation, Quality assurance and control, returns and after sales services. The company also provides support services in sales, human resource management, financial and accounting management, collections, and information technology support among others.

Ammex I-Support Corporation provides a very competitive compensation package for all its agents including free food and drinks everyday. It also follows regular weekends day off and implements a fixed work schedule thereby allowing employees to better adjust and schedule their normal routines in life. More importantly, the company offers unlimited commissions and profit sharing, which essentially allows employees the opportunity to earn income indefinitely depending on one’s industriousness and ability.

Ammex Philippines call center office address:

  • Ammex Makati
    Ground floor PearlBank Center
    146 Valero St., Salcedo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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