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Ancile Philippines

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It has been a trend that various organizations invest in software technology in order to attain the objectives of a company. Basically, Ancile Philippines mission is to assist these organizations to maximize and empower the potential of the technology. Hence, technology’s use and function in a company are surely maximized. This results to convenience and positive outcomes to the people who use it every day.

Ancile Philippines produces software products that are used by certain companies. This software is used in order to assist the companies in the things that they have to do. In addition to this, this company has allowed combining context-sensitive help, authoring, publishing, content management, performance support, and collaboration which are all in one platform.

Products and Services
The forte of Ancile Philippines is creating software products. These products provide assistance in every company’s technology-related needs. Their products are the following:

  • ANCILE uPerform – This is the edge of this company. It delivers quality learning materials to employees. This assistance surely allows the administrators of a company to maximize their time. Now, most of the activities are done with the help of this software.
  • ANCILE uPerform Express – This is a smaller version of their uPerform product. These products main goal provides small and medium sized business to create and deliver documentation, simulations, eLearning and performance support.
  • ANCILE uAlign – These are communication tools allow access that enable employees to acquire the correct information from the right people. It also creates validation in which the information are received and comprehended. Employees can definitely bring ease to employees for it delivers task fast.
  • Ancile uGuide – Web applications are made using this one; yet it provides ease in creating and providing guidance in maintaining the website. Employees creates can use this software in order to provide tasks easily.

Why Should You Work Here?
Ancile Philippines has one of the friendliest customer focused cultures people have seen. They treat customers same with their employee. People who are working here are team oriented and are friendly and helpful. The process when it comes to interview is definitely easy and is not consuming long time. Moreover, the applicant has the chance to meet his or her direct manager. Peers and colleagues in this company are also honest and transparent about the past. Lastly, this company surely provides the best benefits and competent compensation compared to other companies in the field.

Ancile is located in Talisay City, Liloan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines.

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