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ANZ Global Services

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ANZ Global Services is an outsourcing and technology industry that caters to different business establishments around the globe. The ANZ Global started for over 175 years of continued services to their clients. The company is committed in building a lasting relationships to their customers as long as their shareholders and communities in 32 countries in Australia, New Zealand, and all through out Asia and the Pacific, in Middle East, Europe and in America. With the help of these countries all around the globe the ANZ Global Services continued to strengthen their business relationships with these countries they are serving. They are committed in giving their best and support for each other for the growth and improvement of their businesses. As a result to their business progress they are providing jobs for more than 48,000 people all around the globe. ANZ Global Services is providing services like Banking and Financial products as well as their services for around 8 million customers worldwide.

ANZ Global Philippines is consistent in different strategies to motivate and create a positive competition. It gives an advantages for them in their growth and development, in terms of the geographic location, they are exposing in a fair exposure to Asia’s growth and development, they see to it that the regional connectivity with their customers still there. In terms of their financial growth, they are fair in giving and sharing their services in the market as well as they are strong in terms of domestic markets for their planning to expansion.

Aside from the geographic location, ANZ Global Services also focuses on building super regional capabilities, meaning they are forming to strengthen their relationships with their employees and clients to cultivate more of their talents to share with the company’s continued growth. Again, focusing on the governance and risk management of their business because without this, new inventions, techniques and innovations won’t apply.

To lead on the race in terms of their business, ANZ Global Philippines is trying to build and lead on the product capability. Giving more attention and focus in their customers is their main goal, they are trying to understand with a deeper understanding of their customers needs, in terms of their resources, in agribusiness and in infrastructure.

ANZ Global Services Philippines call center is located in:

  • ANZ Makati
    12th floor Solaris One Building
    130 Dela Rosa Street Makati City
    Tel: 632 847 7770

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  1. Cesar Victor E Aquino Reply

    I’ve been working with HSBC for almost 5 years now. Been an underwriter & also part of the Voice Authorization Center both of which deals with fraud.
    I know my experience will be an asset on your company.
    I have no issue wtih HSBC. The reason why I’m interested to apply in your company is I’m after for a higher salary.

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