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AOL Member Services Philippines

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AOL Member Services is a subsidiary of eTelecare Global Solutions/Stream, a global provider of business process outsourcing specializing on complex, voice-based segment of customer-care services including technical support, customer service, sales and customer retention. AOL Member Services on the other hand specializes on non-voice customer care and technical support delivery.

AOL Member Services Philippines provides non voice services in rendering support especially handling technical and billing enquiries. It currently employs more than 500 agents regularly handling more than 12000 enquiries a day, which approximately constitutes 80% of AOL’s customer e-mail. Non voice customer support is also used especially for providing technical assistance in operating, trouble shooting electronic devices and other gadgets usually via email or live chat. Hence, AOL often provide services to manufacturing companies.

Non voice customer services are sometimes preferable for customers because it provides easy access to instructions through email, which customer can retrieve anytime without necessarily dialing or calling for help. Moreover, instructions provided in written format are easier to follow, review and recall as compared to voice support. It eradicates communication gaps emanating from cultural differences as well as pronunciation differences. Written communication is more standard.

Manufacturing companies also prefer providing non voice customer services because it allows them more flexibility in responding to requests and inquiries from their customers anywhere and anytime thereby providing better customer service and achieving greater customer satisfaction .

AOL Member Services Philippines provides high quality customer support services at reduced prices through offshoring in the Philippines. In spite of this, the company nevertheless provides highly competitive remuneration to its roster of professional agents who are mostly college graduates.

AOL Member Services Philippines call center is located in:

  • AOL Clark
    Bldg. 2112 7 2113
    C.P. Garcia cor L. Tada Sts.
    Clark Special Economic Zone Pampanga

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  1. ray baldus Reply

    i m a very old aol customer and a long time ago i got transfered to aol germany and that was a very big misstake because aol germany got years ago closed and i have no way anymore to contact them and the company who took over – O2 germany – is just everyy month charging me but i have no chance to contact them or talk to someone
    so because of all that trouble and the situation that i m now reside in the philippines i wants to transfer my aol account to aol philippines please tell me what i have to do and what the monthly price will be

    the main thing is i dont wants to lose my email adress


    ray baldus

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