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APAC Customer Services

Posted on May 14, 2021 | 3 Comments on APAC Customer Services

Superior Experience and Focused Attention. This sums up the benefit that its clients get in partnering with the APAC Customer Services. Established in 1973, APAC Customer Services since then stood out as one of the premium BPO provider in customer care management. APAC Customer Services relies on its broad and profound expertise to deliver a superior customer experience beyond the expectations of the customers that in turn will allow its clients to just focus their efforts on their core business. APAC Customer Services then defines the perfect company as that deliver on the right customer, through the right means, at the right time. If anything fails in those three criteria, quality is compromised.

APAC Philippines envisions itself as the international standards on customer experience management. Thus, APAC Philippines constantly and intensively conducts research to improve its services to be always at the forefront in industry’s best practices. APAC Call Center has a three fold mission to convert mere customers into loyal advocates, to create the best work place, and to deliver exceptional worldwide customer contact and business processing outsourcing solutions. APAC Philippines does this by maintaining its five core values that results to dedicated excellence, namely, Trust, Respect, Teamwork , Integrity and Excellence

APAC specializes in particular customer management solutions to achieve differentiation and competitive edge. And it fulfills its service by implementing an APAC system that is beyond compare. APAC Call Center Philippines facilitates Recruitment and Selection or sourcing of rare talents and assigning them in tasks where they can most serve and grow as a person: training or harnessing talents to allow them achieve their full potential, Associate Development and Retention, which pertains to providing career growth opportunities, Performance Management or utilizing standards and adopting the best practices to achieve efficiency and deliver results; Technology Solutions or the optimal use of innovative technology to achieve productivity to the benefit of clients and finally, uncompromising quality in all these processes.

APAC’s Achievements:

APAC doubled employment rate in the Philippines alone, and continue to have one of the lowest attrition rate in the industry.

APAC increased capabilities through physical growth and new customer service. innovations. APAC Customer Services, your success begins with us.

APAC Philippines is located in:

  • APAC Cubao
  • APAC Alabang
  • APAC Leyte
    APAC Leyte
    Leyte Academic Center
    ICoT Park, Pawing Palo Leyte

For career opportunities, visit APAC Philippines Job Openings



Jersey says: Magaling trainer sa APAC alabang si ms. cecile maglonso…very professional…:-)

your branch in alabang is so UNFAIR…why don’t you give a chance to those applicants who graduated a vocational course? eventhough they not have been graduated for 4 years course but still they finished their studies, why don’t you try to allow them firs

Nice company and employees..

nice training!!!

The employees of APAC are more civilised, professional and pleasant compare to the employees of other companies. The way they process the application of their applicants is not time consuming unlike other companies, they tend to make their applicants wait

they invest so much in training and motivating employees and that is so important for the growth and building good employer-employee relationship..they don’t just focus on customers or clients only..

Go APAC!!!

i love it here in APAC.. i had my 1st job here as a telemarketer for household credit card! great people out there. the compensation is great! love it here!!!

yeah.etelecare gives a higher offer than APAC.dude, I applied at etel and apac,luckily both companies hired me..but I’ve accepted APAC coz of the working environment, regulations and decent,respectful employees…

meron bang local accoounts dito? i would like to try here in eastwood.

I loved apac because the pay was wonderful to me and i wish that there was a location here where i live now the people was so nice. thank you

do you have a number of apac here in cubao???

hey!!! all the trainers are good!!! especially joan budac.

the best si kevin pharma wave 6!

onga! sinabi m pa…astig sa aht.dapat jan ipromote!

Opening a site in Araneta Center, Cubao with 2000 seats! APAC rocks!

christian caguicla!!!!!! papable!!!!! maraming papa yan sa merville…..

best company…people and policies are very laid back…”pulitika” system is not as rampant compared to other call centers i know.

i’m just curious about the recruitment process i was a walk-in applicant did the usual form fill-ups and all,then waited in vain on the 2nd flr. for my name to be called for the initial interview. I ended up going out of the bldg. at around 6pm not having

FYI. APAC does give chances to those who finished a vocational course as long as you’ve completed at least your 2nd yr college or a 2 yr vocational course then that’s fine. we only require graduates of 4-5 yr courses for level 2 positions such as TLs, QAs

how much is the compensation here? pls anyone reply…tnx

is this company hires applicants w/out experience?

open naba ang araneta branch?

Ganda sa company na ito, although kinda lower ang compensation but still the working environment is great!

yes open na sa may araneta cyber gate 1

ok d2 when it comes to inbound kase lake ang offer max is 16k..kaso puro warning d2 and talo ka lang talaga sa benefits!u have to earn ur leaves .5 tas health crd may bayad ang dependent!pero ok ang humana lalo na si MAI!pogi pa!

ok sana d2 eh..kso puro issues tsismis,cubao vs.alabang ang labanan.

APAC has a working environment second to none, but that is not enough they should learn to value the loyalty of tenured reps and compensate them well, Stayed with the company for 3 years +, got promoted recently but still earning a little less than 18k,

Mahiya naman kayo mga galing ng Ambergris, wala na kayong ginawa kung hindi issues. Call Center yan at hindi palengke, dami galing Ambergris na magagaling at nsa higher Mgt. na, mga nandyan mga nag-gagaling-galingan lang.

Ringo…. You’re the best TL there is

in fairness naman kay racquel manlapaz, if u’r on her team she’ll do everything para magawan paraan na di bumaba stats mo..if u really deserve it

i was thinking to resign for a 26k salary na itatapat sa 17,600k that im getting here. napaisip ako on the last 5days ng 30day-notice na sinubmit ko. im planning to stay now. un lang sobra bilis tlga ng escalation ng warnings. dame rin nsa po

Racquel Manlapaz was the best TL of Newsday. Kahit hindi nya Team inaasikaso nya. Yung hindi naaasikaso ng TLs nila she takes care of them. We love Racquel Manlapaz!

SI TL Mai love sya ng reps nya para syang nanay the way she takes care of them. Marami sa agents ni HP ALmerol gusto lumipat kay TL Mai kse power tripping ang hobby ni HP.

kaya kayong mga TL wag msyado power tripping, wag din masyadong demanding sa reps nyo, tao lang yan!

I love tls aiza, norlan, hp, mai and atls tin and raine. theyre so great with handling people, evn theirflaws can be smashed with their nice attitudes! unlike with jun, so hypocrite!

Just want to say that business wise, I hope Raquel Manlapaz would be out of tribune na. Personally (actually im talking in behalf of almost all the agents), I dont think she has the capacity of leading people. Yes, she has the technical wit, but she dsnt

Raquel Manlapaz has the heart and the wit and we love her.

ANg sikat naman ni Raquel left and right ang comments nyo sino ba sya

si om racquel dati namin tl sa newsday. straight sa work and strict rin coz shes just doin her job. kahit strict and om na sa kanya pa rin lapit ang reps coz she really helps at maaasahan.

yung naninira maybe may nagawang mali at napagsabihan o kaya naiingit. pero yung reps ok naman sa kanya at sumbong pa nga sa kanya mga mayayabang na tls.

ok lets be fair, racz is maasahan nga sige gven na un kasi its her JOB and its her RESPONSIBILITY. but that dsnt mean na pwede na nyang paikutin ang lahat ng tao!

i love lisa meadows. even she has strong personality, she really looks like a boss.

isa ako sa minalas na piliin ang apac. for almost 2 years im working in apac…. di ko alam wala akong philhealth number at kinakaltasan nila ako. maoospital na ako nung dec saka ko lang nalaman. tapos nag paternity leave ako. sabi ni donna ng hr ang pate

I cant believe na sobrang babaw ng ibang colleagues ko sa APAC. Kung galit ka sa isang tao, its your right. But I think it is very unfair to tell something bad about his/her family. One said, “Pangit naman ang anak nya”. So. whats the point? Pati yung mga

There’s really a favoritism in APAC esp with Racquel. Mai is always absent, reasons like family member is sick etc. pero parang wala namng nangyayari.

Si Mai pa rin ang number 1 tl ng baltimore sun. kahit anong sabihin nung isang tl talo siya

APAC ALABANG::: try to apply and get hired first, then try to stay for like 2yrs and you’ll experience APAC!!! its not the mgmt, its the people of apac na very down to earth and madaling kausap ang magiging sandalan mo to stay.

namimiss namin si hp sana si mai nalang nawala…

ingat kayo jan sa APAC HR. yung SSS contri ng wife ko, hindi nila niremit for 2 years!!!! hanggang ngayon naghahabol pa rin kami sa kanila. hindi na nagrreply sa email at di sumasagot sa tawag. grabe! nasan na yung CUSTOMER SERVICE.

tin lara is just doing her job. she has always been nice.


ask ko lang po kung may contact no yung cubao branch ng apac, for final interview kasi aq.. kaso na resched till now ala padin ung new sched ko.. tnx po! infairness sa mga HR d2 mababait sila ! napaka approachble at comfortble kausap, isa pa sa lahat n

goog pay, good benefits, good training, good facilities, stable accounts, kaya lng ang mahal ng food! 4 pts for apac.

TL MAI is not just a mom but a friend whom you could count on. Considering she is not my TL but she acts like im her own kiddo. She takes care of me and invites me every team building her team have… One of APAC’s gem!

Director Raquel M. is a down-to-earth friend whom you could talk of anything without hesitation. She always speaks her mind of. An instrument of growth and continuous improvement that APAC cant afford to loose. Those people who hates this wonderful woman

TL Jun Lutao is one of the best TL’s that APAC have. He is always there for the Reps to improve on and tries his best to make the account stand out amongst the other accounts. ” A real friend who is not afraid of saying his opinion on things in his honest

ATL Ram* a bestfriend for me. A dedicated APAC employee. “A hardworking lad whom you cant forget for his warm personality” ATL Raine* a sugar babe. “Sweet and caring curvacious lass.” ATL Tin* a charm. “A million smile for Tin!”

TL Aiza* an activist but a very nice woman. A friend of mine who never changed her honest and warm persona. “A strong family woman and a hero for her love ones”

Rate 5 for TL Jacar of HUMANA(CUBAO SITE) …youre very supportive and a responsible TL ….di mo pinapabayaan ang mga agents mo kht yong mga C players napunta sayo,after a week ngiging A na agad…keep up the good work!!!saludo ako sayo///

panoba application process d2?my grammar, internet, comprehension, phone simulation then final interview na ba??

hi s crushhhh ko “VINCE” cute mo! APAC ROCKS !

lahat nman ng cc payrol may disputes eh.. ganun tlaga.. eh idispute mo nlng.. ok nman management ng apac.. so 4 pts 4 apac!

may i know the online application of APAC in Alabang.or can you give me the email address of HR Dept. i want to apply forTechnical Support. thanks a lot

i want to apply but i still haven’t finished 2nd year college and i’m not even 18 years old… will i still get accepted?

yes, undergrad students are welcome here in APAC. u can visit APAC Cubao or APAC Alabang. you can b a full timer or part timer if you have classes in the morning.

HR in alabang site are not approachable….they dont assist the applicants…..dont apply hir…….

unfair nga. kapag alam nila 2 years lang ntapos mo automatic hnd ka na tanggap!!! kahit ok ang english mo!!! grrrr! and they dont give chance for those people who doesnt have working experience!!!!

undergrad po ako (2nd yr) but i was hired.. some of my wavemates are fresh grad.. if u were’nt hired bcoz undergrad k.. its just a good way of saying u’r not qualified… hehe.. sori.. smile..

ok nman s Apac approachable & professional employees d2


ang hirap ng mga accounts dito puro medical..

Is there any job vacancy?

meron… try humana its a good account

Haay….. filipinos nga nman ndi n tyo nasatisfied s mga benefits ng callcenter puro reklamo.. wlang matinong company s mareklamong tao.. ganyan din ako dati pero ngayon hapi nko s apac.. its not perfect but i haS lotS of thingS to say!

yup, we’re hiring in cubao.

gusto ko sana apply s Apac pero i heard na nag file ng bankruptcy? is it true?

15 kmi ininterview 2 lang un kinuha bkit gnun?

most accounts here are medical but its really easy , khit hndi ka medically inclined u’l get the hangof it .

good company, good traning but nagquit ako s traning coz of my trainer na may attitude problem, kaloka yah shes goodwhen it comes to product knowledge pero as a trainer g’luck s mga trainees nya

who’s the trainer? sayang naman.

wel, im a graduate of two year course only but they accepted me………… maybe you don’t hav the guts!!!!! ahahahahah

A rating of 5 for recruitment’s Sheryl Morales! Ang cute pa!

omg bakit delayed ang salary 2day? anong ngyari?

may financial crisis kc s US, scary baka magclose mga call centers .. panu na tyo?

bakit nagresign si om francis of humana? sad, so sad, sya n nga lng ok n om ng account e.

balik n yata sya sa states. don’t worry Apac has a lot of good leaders.. sana lng Apac give importance to ur vet employees. increase our salary hehe!

parang kilala ko ang trainer n yan at wala na sya s apac ngayon c trainer “C” ba ito, ok nman sya nakakainis lng talaga sya minsan, but i guess that’s fine nobody’s perfect.

animo apac!

The employees of APAC are more civilised, professional and pleasant compare to the employees of other companies. The way they process the application of their applicants is not time consuming unlike other companies, they tend to make their applicants wait

i heard bankcrupt daw ang apac? how true? im planning to apply pa nman but im worried baka bigla nlng magclose or what,

laging kulang night diff ko, puro dispute puro nlng dispute wla nman ngyayari, sa bgay pang limang call center ko na to dun sa apat may dispute din, haaayyyyyyy .. nko. ok nrin madali nman account ko.

open house? mass hiring? pamalit b yun s mga nagreresign? wats hapening to Apac??? once highly recommended company in the philippines, Apac: your success begins here & ends elsewhere..

best company so far for me…people and policies are very laid back…”pulitika” system is not as rampant compared to other call centers i worked w/ b4

ok ba benefits d2 & how much pay? is there an annual increase sa pay? im planning to apply.

Apac is not a perfect company, it has flaws.. a lot actually, just lyk any other callcenter. Not a huge one. But Apac has a lot of things to say its good culture & educated people.

Happy anniversary sa Baltimore Sun/Newsday account! Magsaya na kayo on oct 25 sa antipolo kasi marami ang magre-resign before the end of this year… antay lang yung 13 month pay…

im part of Humana biggest account of Apac, bago lng ako pero i noticed sobrang divided ang account.. kanya-kanya! ang gulo sobra, wish ko lng pwede palipat ng account, coz baka mag resign nlng ako..

humana queing for life, as in OA! kakatamad na 2loy, they’re hiring a lot of agents pero mas marami nagreresign … sigh … sad …

hwag na tayo mag complain ok enough of that what if pinagbawal na ni obama outsourcing pano na tayo? makonteto nalang sana tayo ok!

rate is not that competetive at ang baba ng annualization. 2 years na ako in this company yet my salary still ranges from 16000-16500, lahat kasi dinadaan sa performance base. annualization is not pro active. u have to worked for it.

call center industry in our country will continue to grow & Apac will ! Rock on !

7 mos pa lang ako dito & yet my salary is already 17k+ plus 2k allowance, increased are based on ur performance & yeah u will have to work for it just like any other company.. Apac will pay u based on what u deserved & i think its good

mag demand ba mas higher pay.. if ur good then go ask for more! u have low increased kc low din performance mo!

be thankful that u had an increase some company won’t give u that! sa iba bababa pa pay mo like what happened to us in sitel! or ma layoff ka kaya lyk agents from acs?

great training / professional people / good culture /

Tom is my interview! hope they will hire me. Sana lang wag sila magdescriminate ng mga nurses tulad ng ibang company.

ndi uso descrimination dito,

infairness…………… Apac’s improving


madale magapply s APAC, totoo din na 1 day process application dito di tulad ng iba.. di cla nagpapaasa ng tao… NICE JOB APAC!

apac noche buena .. 1 stick barbeque, 1 pc chicken, 1 rice dagdagan mo pa ng echuserang taga serve ng food sobrang angas ni ati at koya !

masisipag mga direktor dito kasama na dyan si rasty. pati mga om nagtratrabaho talaga di petiks

buti nga meron, sa iba kahit rice wala! magresign ka kung ndi ka makunteto ok!

apac medja noche pancit, adobo & one rice. haha! buti bga meron haha!

i resigned from apac first week of january, i have job opportunity overseas. mag-abroad na rin kayo. try ipams.com

daming cute d2 mostly bading nga lng ampff sayang! pretty girls dami din lalo n s humana.

there’s nothing wrong with APAC yung mga may negative comments about APAC and their higher supperiors they r the ones who are not profesional if you dont feel like working in APAC resign ka… Bitter lang kayo kaya ganyan comments nyo…

it does’nt matter kung sa sykes,dell, etelecare,nco,convergys,accenture etc.. ka mapunta kung negative ang attitude mo towards sa isang bagay, the result will be the same. Are you planing to be an agent for the rest of your life?

01232009 : 7 mos palng me w/ apac so far ok nman..

3 points for apac has flaws pero ok nman kc i think may ginagawa nman management to improve watevr is dpat iimprove

16k + 2k allowance not bad ayt?

maganda ba d2 or telus or acs advise nman dyan?

ayos sana d2 kya lng sobrang taas ng attrition rate s lahat ng accounts & management parang wla nman gnagwa para ndi magresign mga agents hay nko lapit n magopen telus, bka lumipat kahat ng agents nyo dun kyo din, ur losing a lot if gud agents

Apac: join the winning team, your success begins here & ends else where.. true! wla na natira s team ko!

im w/ apac for 3 mos now, the company itself is ok but pagdating s operations parang ang daming mali & yes dami nga nagreresign & im also thinking kung saan ako lilipat

they invest so much on training

san b mas ok na pay d2 or telus? idea how much? answer pls.. thanks.

i used to wrk w/ apac & true kakamis nga, d2 ko s chase now laki nga ng pay sobrang hirap nman ng job, mukha n kaming alila d2,

humana is a good account, lots of talented people espec. the agents EHEM! but the team leads? i doubt! paano sila naging tL? they’re gud in product knowledge but leadership skills? -5 sori, and iba may attitude problem p! there are few nice tL din nman ja

TL’s nagtuturuan kung who would be taking supecall…talk about call avoidance di ba?…sila pa yung moderator! Heinous ang BOSTON GLOBE diyan!

ok ang training dito super! lalo mga publishing trainers, si hannah aquino the best!

ayos dito stable & established ang mga accounts mostly healthcare, publishing ndi affected ng global recession so dont worry bout layoffs

50120392 <— sino ito n dating taga medco n lumipat n ng telus at halos isum n ang Apac at medo?

open na telus!! pero according sa mga mapapagkatiwalang sources na X employee ng Apac eh ndi rin daw maganda, so pano b yan stay muna habang wla p malilipatan, meron daw soon to open StreamGlobal at SM north edsa ok kya dun?

w/c is better here or telus?

whats w/ apac pur VTO unpaid VL, pati paid SL & VL nagiging unpaid! nu ba? OA na cost cutting yan ha, scary tuloy parang wlang pera apac, baka bigla nlng mabanckrupt, mm scary talaga!

did you know that htmt & acs-affiliated computer studies now has humana account! nko mukhang lapit n end ng humana dito s Apac! scary!

nope! htmt has dental, acs has backoffice, medical will stay here in Apac!

As of May 2009. Marami ng attrition kasi wala ng regularization increase. Ung OM Charity ng HUMANA acct. may favoritism yun. May ibang TL may mga pinagiinitatan. They take advantage. Ung ibang TL na masisiapg yun ang hindi ma-promote.

nya walang regularization bonus? is that Apac wide? how bout annual meron ba? info pls! thanks.

may dayshift ba sa cubao?…how much basic nila?..pls reply, thank u!

APAC’s a good company overall but it seems that the promise of career growth is becoming to be less and less important to the management instead they hire external people who doesnt even care of losing agents. Besides, why should you get TLs & OMs from ou

Operations people in Medco are cool! But what needs to improve are payroll and HR. geezz it’s really way better sa other call centers.

may dayshift ba sa cubao?…how much basic nila?..pls reply, thank u!

confirmed htmt now has humana, kaya pla nagpanic ang management ng humana crosstrained agad for lev 2 mga agents, g’luck nlng hirap din kalaban ng htmt,

im from humana… si francis dating OM ng HUMANA.. he’s nice tlga.. lalo na when it comes to GIRLS! founder ng HUMANIACS yan eh… buti na lang lumipat na siya ng accenture… grabe mamulitika nyan lalo na pag kinalaban mo mga jowa nya sa floor… last gi

ok ang apac eh… facility maganda… ng nag apply me ok sa hr… ok training… pero sa floor dun may problema.. it’s true they’re promoting tls na hindi deserving… nangunguna na diyan si joel na sobrang below sea level ang IQ ang dami pang tinatangal

may dayshift yes, starhub singaporean account so expect low salary as in low, publishing has shifting sked so u can request for dayshift.

APAC Customer Services Inc. . .

2 of the best trainers and OM of Humana just resigned, xfer to htmt, wats hapening?! sooner or later baka mawala nrin Humana s Apac!

I also heard that they will be hiring more CQA for Humana to monitor the calls of HTMT and ACS. WOW! Are they really desperate to make money out of the 2 other vendors? Balita ko si Machan paiba-ibang bansa na lang ah…Kayua siguro nalulugi na account

That I’m not sure, pero meron na kaming helpline sa Humana, to help the 2 other vendors. Yung Dental nga namin ang kailangan na is 20 agents. Baka mag hire pa yung OM namin ng 2 more TLs for Dental. Umalis na kasi yung isang Female TL dun eh.

Yeah I heard nagresign na daw yung isang TL ng dental..Bait pa naman nun. One of the coolest TL sa dental yun. Well actually siya yung pinaka mabait. Si TL Tin, di ko siya ganun ka close pero nakakabatian ko yun. Strict daw yun pero sa pag biruan, mabib

Pre, yung helpline niyo ba pang alabang lang or may pang Cubao din?

May opening daw sa Alabang and Cubao ng OM for Humana…Sino na kaya ang susunod? Malamang sa alabang si TL Jomel na, e kaso tuta naman ni Charity Lopez yun eh. Walang alam kung kundi bumuntot kay Charity na walang ring alam kungdi maghanap na magiging fa

hi there..just wondering if i can still apply, actually i had my job offer last year that was nov but i wasnt able to complete my reqmts and i had a major personal problem, now im fit to work na kaya lang i dont know kung they will still consider my appli

i passed the exams as well as the interviews and was told to wait for the call till tuesday and or wednesday this week,,but its thursday now…..hay……. anyways,ok dito…ok mga tao!keep it up!!

where sa cubao??…tnx 😀

i’d like to apply..but i don’t know if where is it in cubao?..can someone help me here 😀

HTMT’s newest Medical Account is in need of Customer Service Representatives. * 13K upon passing Foundation Training + 2K upon Certification. Qualifications: -College Graduate of any course or 2nd year college level with at least 3 months call center e

good stepping stone for newbies.accommodating ang HR they’ll keep u upd8d sa application mo and the training is good.APAC Cubao 2 thumbs up ako.

i’m a 37 yo housewife from cabuyao,i want 2 try working again, this time as a call ctr agent…i used 2 work as a tel oprtr b4…wht shld be my 1st step?do i need 2 apply personally? im a coll.undergrad n no call ctr experience but i can speak english fluently.

i seriously wanted to work here i know lots of people here the thing is they kept us waiting starting date for training is always cancelled i was like waiting for almost 2 mos now, they should not do that, i wonder how many accts does apac have.

ok ang training sa apac lalo publishing especially si Erin Vineza naging trainer ko yun the best talaga super cool astig!, pero hindi lahat ng trainers magaling. yung iba nakatanga lang.

Hi, i applied last monday mar.1 and i passed all the initial interviews typing tests, voice sim.and they said they will call me for my final interview. I just wanna follow up if when is that. please call me or email me.. i’m looking forward to your response.. thank you very much!!


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  1. Male call center Reply

    Katapos ko lang po sa final interview sa apac alabang. Nabigla ako kasi tatlo ung interviewer. Wala pa naman akong call center experience. Nasagot ko naman cguro ng maayos ung mga tanong. Ndi naman cguro ako aabot ng final interview kung barok ako. Haha! Well anyway, after the interview they told me that i could go home and wait for the hr’s call for the next instruction. I asked them if they could tell me a timeframe for the hr’s call. Sabi lang nila ieevaluate pa daw ng hr ung outcome ng interview nila. So i end up wondering if pumasa ako o ndi. Ano po sa palagay nyo? Pumasa po ba ako?

  2. 12/11/14

    how do i apply for this job? and is apac alabang still hiring?

    • blue Reply

      I learned a lot from apac and its a great company pero hindi totoo to LOLS – – – FYI. APAC does give chances to those who finished a vocational course as long as you’ve completed at least your 2nd yr college or a 2 yr vocational course then that’s fine. we only require graduates of 4-5 yr courses for level 2 positions such as TLs, QAs

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