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AppLabs Digital Studios

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AppLabs Digital Studios is an IT company that specializes in software applications development particularly for mobile devices and the internet. It offers a comprehensive range of end-to-end services across a multitude of industries and markets. The products of the company are available on several selected distribution channels for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry phones as well as for web access devices. AppLabs Digital Studios Philippines specializes on Mobile App Development for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms using software such as Objective-C, JAVA, and HTML5. It is also engage in web design and development using HTML, CSS, AS3, PHP, MYSQL, and image optimization. Finally, the company also conducts App Testing to ensure that web and mobile applications operates flawlessly in tablets, phones and keyboards.

AppLabs Digital Studios was founded through the vision of Azhar Khan and Ian Atienza who saw that pervasive trend of how IT particularly the Internet and mobile devices permeate practically every aspect of typical human life from work to play. As IT devices become an integral part of human lives, Applabs Philippines aims on creating worthwhile services and content for web access devices that will create a positive impact on the lives of people. Among the top products of the company included Maddie & Matt’s A to Zs of Good Manners & Values and Maddie & Matt’s Happy Earth. The former is a pioneering educational application that will help children how to behave properly. Considering that a great portion of cellphone owners are children, this application directly reaches out to children to teach them how to behave and act morally. The latter on the on other hand is another educational application about environmental awareness designed for all users, which is timely in line with the urgent call for saving the planet. The software help to reach out to individual persons to encourage them that a single person’s contribution significantly counts to make a difference in the world.

AppLabs Digital Studios engages in social networking applications through Crazee Apps and call center operations. Among its highlighted projects is the “Car Crazee”, which targets novice and veteran car enthusiasts, which serves as a junction for car enthusiast from around the globe especially from the UK, US, Japan and the Philippines. Applabs Philippines has also ventured with Elvis Presley Jr. for the creating an online marketing channel for vintage articles and music memorabilia.

AppLabs Digital Studios office address:

  • AppLabs Eastwood
    30th Floor Unit AJK IBM Plaza Building
    Eastwood City, Bagumbayan
    Quezon City, Philippines

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