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How to Apply for a Call Center Job

Business process outsourcing and call centers have become one of the popular job providers in the country for several years now. Many young urban professionals, especially those who are fresh graduates have benefited from this industry and many of them have acquired their first jobs as call center agents. Some college students are also given the chance to work while they study, as some of the call center companies offer educational support. How can one apply for a call center job? Here are some of the places you can go to.

Online job application. There are lots of recruitment websites that you can choose from – Jobstreet, LinkedIn, etc. where you can submit your resume online and wait for the company to call you for an interview. This is by far the thriftiest way of applying for a call center job, because you are just in the comfort of your own home while submitting resumes.

Walk-In Application. This is the traditional way of applying for a job. Basically you need to visit the company’s recruitment hub and personally submit your resume so the HR team could evaluate it. Although online job application is more popular these days, some people still choose to hop from one recruitment hub to the next to submit their resumes.

Job Fairs. Job fairs have also become popular these days. The announcements for job fairs are usually being done through social media, flyers and other promotional materials. You just have to go to one place where various companies from different industries are offering different jobs, depending on your qualifications as well as you interest.

Employee Referral. This is also a known tactic for call centers to hire employees. The employee referral program allows the employees to refer a peer or a candidate for a job post. Successful applicant and the referrer will both receive referral bonus, depending on the company’s referral program policy.

These are the most popular ways on how to apply for a call center job. Most people prefer the online job application and job fairs simply because they can distribute their resumes at a handful of companies. This gives them more chances of getting hired. Meanwhile, employee referral sounds good as well, because there is already an incentive waiting, not only for the successful applicant but also to the employee referrer. Yet, either way, you can be sure that these steps would allow you to have the opportunity to work in the BPO industry.

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