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Appsource Inc.

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Born from humble beginnings, Appsource Inc. started as an IT service and consulting company which had only 3 employees in their Ortigas Office. As the years passed, the company quickly grew and incorporated in their arsenal two additional services: App Development and Infrastructure solutions. Formerly known as Decimal Solutions, Appsource Philippines took on a name that would resound its main competency which is Applications Development, hence the name.

Appsource Inc. offers client solutions regarding IT and Web and Apps development. These services are basically implemented by providing experts on IT-related problems on which the client is currently undertaking. The company boasts of a pool of employees who are experts on several platforms such as Oracle, Java, Ruby, PHP etc. and are capable of providing services such as Web and Graphic design and App development to name a few. Providing experts may be done through actual staffing of Appsource’s employees to the client’s company or through contractual work given to the company itself. By availing these services, the client can experience a reduction of operation costs, minimization of expenses in hiring own IT employees and the guarantee of a quick and quality implementation of solutions.

Currently, Appsource Philippines has numerous international clients ranging from small businesses to larger organizations such as Chevron, Toyota and the United Nations to name a few. Due to the international inclination of the company, employees must adjust to the working hours of their clients to better provide their services. Employees are expected to be present on unusual hours and will completely consent on the fact that the job is demanding both physically and mentally. Although this might commonly be the case, the situation in which a certain employee will be put through ultimately depends on the location of the client and their time preferences.

Considering these disadvantages, there are also several advantages in being an employee in Appsource. Aside from being financially stable which is pretty obvious for a booming company like Appsource Philippines, employees especially those who are new and are capable of the company’s competencies as stated previously, will find that the work environment that the company is offering is challenging and worthwhile. Being pressed with deadlines without the compromise of quality, the employee’s physical and mental capabilities will be tested to its limits. Although this may sound a bit exhausting, the working and learning experience that the employee gains from it will surely be one for the books.

Appsource Philippines BPO office location:

  • Appsource Ortigas
    6/F Tower B, BSA Twin Towers
    Bank Drive, Ortigas Center
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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