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Arkipel Philippines

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Established on 2011, Arkipel is a new software development and engineering company, which developed the first Open Compute Project data center in the Philippines, that will provide and manage exclusive virtual servers for different clients. Specializing on open source software technologies, Arkipel is a utility that offers on-demand computing infrastructure. Arkipel Philippines started as joint venture of retired software engineers from the University of California, Berkeley, who were inspired on “21st Century Utility Computing” in which virtualized compute power and storage will become the standard business model.

Arkipel dedicates itself in helping local and global economies by developing business practices that facilitate progressive and beneficial work atmosphere in the work environment and whole community. Arkipel Philippines also incorporates environmental and green principles in the design of its service. The virtual computing apparently reduces the need for creating individual IT infrastructure for individual people or companies and contributes in energy conservation because it centralizes energy use in the assembly of servers the services many different clients.

With this innovative service, Arkipel Philippines will save companies the burden of putting up and maintaining their in-house computing needs. Since computing is available as a service, all a company would need is a workstation with and a fast internet to connect the Arkipel’s server and conduct all their computing needs. They get to save on the cost of IT infrastructure, maintenance and IT personnel. In addition, virtual computing is a metered service so that company only pays for the time it actually uses the computing service.

Moreover, cloud computing further provides better flexibility. Arkipel Philippines can easily expand and grow without being hampered by the costs of putting up IT infrastructure. Arkipel is just a call away for an additional server for the expansion. Computing will be treated like an electricity which companies do not generate on their own but is provided by an expert.

The principal product of Arkipel Philippines is the Ubuntu Linux Server, which comes in different sizes to match the requirements of the company.

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