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Art of Team Leadership

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Team work is crucial in the success of a call center company because its operations require the joint effort of individuals with specialized skills doing specialized work. However, teamwork does not simply evolve naturally. It requires a leader who in turn builds the effective team.

The art of leading is not merely becoming a great communicator but more importantly knows what to communicate and what to do. So what exactly does a good team leader do. First of, a good team leader focuses on the team and puts everything in perspective and orientation of the team. The first thing he does is to envision a direction to which all members are directed. A shared vision and direction is the first important thing that a leader provides. He then removes individual competition within a group which is the main impediment to collaboration.

Focusing on team work, every single member of the team is assigned a task. A good leader clearly designates task to members of the team without prejudice and on the basis of the individual skills, talent or specialization of the members. As a leader, he creates a clear structure that clearly delineates functions and accountability to every position. However, he also stresses a team attitude that a failure of one is a failure of all while the victory of one is the victory of all.

A leader knows how to manage people and does not rely on one’s charisma to encourage people. Instead, he provides incentives to drive his people to excellence. In lieu of which, the leader clearly sets standards of excellence which members must fulfill. However, he understands the limitations of people and thus, provides support to members by providing training and development opportunities for one to effectively achieve his designated tasks.

A team oriented leader empowers all members of the team by adopting a democratic approach to leadership in which all members are valued and are given a voice to the major decision making of the group. Because conflicts can inevitably arise, he is able to deal with conflicts by showing appreciation to diversity and tolerance and respect to different perspectives. To attain different opinions from people, the team leader promotes open communication among the team members. Transparency is emphasized because unity is built upon trust of every member of the group to each other and to the team as a whole.

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