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Arvato Digital Services Philippines

The Arvato Digital Services is expanding its services by means of hiring more people to support their business expansion. For now they are looking for a BPO Specialist, once hired in this prestigious company, all the benefits as an employee will surely given by the company. Building a career in this company is the best step for a qualified applicant to have. The BPO Specialist in Arvato Philippines will be attending the duties and responsibilities of this job that includes in the supporting of the day to day transaction of the business. Doing the administrative request submitted by operations manager around the globe, these includes the request submitted to create purchase order, the invoice reconciliation and reporting, putting the time into the timesheets, and placing up new vendors in supportive system and tools.

Other job they are looking for is inbound agent that assist or support the clients that has a detailed inquiries bout a certain issue that needs to be address. The agent should also build a customers service interest in the services and product offered by the company. It must provide a modified customer service in a maximum level. The agent should also review the prevailing databases with alteration and the standing of different customers/soon to be clients of the business industry. It should also be the role as an agent the arranging and noticing the products, giving information packages, leaflets and others to different customers and some others who are willing to try the products and services of the Arvato Digital Services. Giving also the time in following up the calls of the client with different clerical duties that includes faxing, filling up paperwork’s, checks the credit references s well as coordinating with other department of the company.

The positions that are available in Arvato Digital Services will definitely add another milestone in their business expansion and development.

Arvato Philippines call center is located in:

  • Arvato Eastwood
    5th Floor e-commerce Plaza
    1 Garden Road Eastwood City, Libis
    Quezon City Philippines

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  1. Paul Oraye Reply

    Are you opening a Pampanga site for Arvato? I’m willing to apply. Thanks.

    • Diselle Saddi Reply

      We’re already operating in Pampanga and its located in SM Clark besides Mr. Park’s Bread..

      • J Reply

        What is the phone number of your office in Eastwood Libis? Do you accept walk-ins?

  2. Shine Tuazon Reply

    Is there a back office / non voice agent jobs that is hiring in Arvato Clark? if yes, how much will be its basic? Thanks.

  3. Jhen Reply

    Do you still accepting applicants for non voice account in alabang site?

    • hanath oicfanibo Reply

      arvato is nice conpany to start with its not as tedious as convergys..been there as xbox tech support.

  4. 14/11/16

    Are you still hiring for xbox billing support? Chat support?

  5. J Reply

    What is the phone number of your office in Eastwood Libis? Do you accept walk-ins?

  6. Ren Reply

    okay ba dito?

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