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Ascend Asia

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Ascend Asia is the philippines rising call center.

As its name signifies, Ascend Asia call center is a sales and marketing service provider aimed at leading its clients to rise above their competitors. As a partner of many renowned global corporations, Ascend Asia relies on its industrial leadership position, robust management team, impressive and extensive experience as the foundations for its operations.

Ascend asia adopts sturdy cultural values that is centered on people, which it considers to be the heart of its competitive advantage. Ascend Asia call center prides itself of adopting diversity, engendering a performance driven orientation, nurturing an innovative culture and cultivating an enjoyable learning environment. Ascend’s partnerships converged on establishing strategic alignment, business growth, achieving main performance standards, innovation, customer penetration, multi channel utility, steadfast technology and effective communication instruments that contributes to sales improvement and increasing market.

Among the critical services of Ascend Asia Philippines include account management, receivables collection, credit verification, lead Generation, customer Help Desk, direct response. email marketing & web development, market surveying, database management, telemarketing, appointment setting, service dissemination, market research and Information Technology Services. While Ascend Asia call center has a diverse customer base from the telecom, healthcare, insurance and hospitality industry, it continues to expand its market in other industries which adds up to its diverse experience, which in turn augments Ascend Asia Philippines’ expertise to come up with customize business systems that streamline process and reduce complex operations.

Ascend Asia call center’s selected and trained professionals are ready and willing to provide support and resolve every business challenge the its partners encounter. Ascend Asia Philippines pool of professionals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences create the strength of its team of problem-solvers. In Ascend Asia Philippines, the ABC of sales is further translated to Aspiring Beyond Convention.

Ascend Asia is an action and performance oriented company aimed to formulate, innovate, and serve dispense outstanding business solutions that abet the progressive growth and projected success of its clients, employees and stakeholders. Ascend Asia call center envisions to create value for each clients by emphasizing on measurable performance, attain more than expectations and generate tangible results that distinguishes the company in the industry.

Ascend Asia Call Center is located in:

For career opportunities, visit Ascend Asia Philippines Job Openings


at its best!!!

u can try! ung 15k, package nu yun, 12 ang basic plus 3 alawans. tapos yung sign in bonus, instolment, 1k a month ibibigay. all outbound…

kung pumunta kayo sa ascend para sa career growth at di sa sweldo.GO!pero mag-ingat kayo sa mga pioneer account daw na sinasabi nila.

lilinawin ko lang di ko galit sa ascend gusto ko lang ilabas ang totoo.huwag kayo padadala sa advertisment ng ascend dahil di totoo yun.

the best ang account sa ascend nag-aalok sila ng produkto at serbisyong hindi kailangan nga mga amerkano. kamusta naman di!

being one of the employees of ascend asia, i agree and disagree on some of the speculations that are published here. ascend asia is okay and i may say is the best in terms of hiring people. they only choose the one who’s deserving in a certain position.

They’re looking people who deserves a certain position. the thing that theyre looking at are those people who doesnt have any SO CALLED ATTITUDE PROBLEM. So if you do have so called AP. SORRY! YOURE OUT!

ikaw ba naman tatanggapin sa trabahong hindi mo deserving? kumusta naman yun diba?! tapos pasasahurin ka ng pera ng kumpanya na hindi mo nama pinaghirapan.

Kaya kung sino ka mang nagsulat ng mga article na nandito, isa ka sa mga TALUNAN. you cant accept facts na in this life, there are ups and downs. hay naku…. kung alam mo lang kung gaano nalang magtapon ang pera ang ascend asia.

kung sino ka mang agent ka, wag kang magsalita na maganda ang ascend dahil mo alam ang ginawa sa amin ng ascend!sige bumalik ka sa pagiging bagong agent ng malaman mo sinasabi namin!

Sana maranasan mo kung paano kami pinong pong ng ascend.Nagforever training kami at hindi kami talunan!dahil ginagawa namin to para baguhin ang sistema ng ascend!

Sa tingin mo ba kung masaya kami sa ascend gagawa kami ng ganito!may dahilan kami kung bakit namin to ginagawa!at hindi namin pepersonal ang ascend tandaan mo yan!kaya namin maging magaling for ascend!

naku ang galing talaga ng ascend,,nagmomoderate sila!para di lumabas ang totoo!

In applying for a job a person needs to take the risk of being employed in a company that he or she wanted to work for. I admit that I am an employee of this company and I am here to defend it because they treated me fairly. For the person who posted the

I got hired by Ascend last March as part of its expansion program and I am very pleased to have been promoted twice. I’ve been given the salary adjustments as promised. I’ve seen other new hires tried their best to perform but they eventually resigned bec

this is my first call center job… sa ascendasia… cguro nga d xa kasing bigatin ng pip suport, convergys… or etel… hsbc… etc… but the only thing that makes me stay here is ung PEOPLE…. people around me… esp the supervisors… OM… qA… Hr

alam nyo lahat ng call centers may kanya kanyang kabulukan…. parang tao din yan, may kanya kanyang kapintasan din… you can’t please everybody… what i am trying to say is, di ko rin gusto at first 2ng ascend dhil sa mga ndidinig ko and i admit n ma

i have been a trainee with ascend for a month, but i had some acquaintances and they told me na one day lang ung training nila, kinabukasan floor na!!nu yun?.tapos after 4 days may id na cila sa company at nag job offer na eh aq kapipirma palang ng kontr

I was hired by ascend last month and now I’m not working for this company anymore. the first time i saw the 21st floor of robinson’s summit… damn… I told myself.. “Is this really a call center?”

well im happy ive almost made it…. 10 kami 5 na alis., and theres more elimination…. ide enjoy the training even though i didnt make it… i know im good!…. theres more to improve…. im actually doing it on the floor…. but d kmi naka generate ng

may nalalaman pang itatransfer ka ng account dahil u’re better dan the others tapos ksama mo sa training 3wks na training ikw 2days plng floor kgd.. mas mgaling kpa sknla tas 100/day lng ang training allowance mo! lahat ng agents 3am break kayo ng team mo

i’ve been here before and i’ve come back. when i came for training as an outbound agent, i did see some loopholes in the system so i didn’t continue with the night shift. i went to acquire asia pacific for a day account and they gave me 25k for the compensation

this is really ture!Ascend is the greatest competitor of netopia!

Ascend is really great!

the reason why you all are not with ascend, could be because your english are bad…try to read all your comments…it is sad…even your tagalog is not proper…write like you really are for a call center…show that we got it…I know I do, I celebrated

ang sarap sa ascend!ang dali ng work!magtraining for life, hehe

Do you hire undergraduates?

Ascend is a good company that cares for its people. I should know ’cause my salary adjustments were delivered as promised. Some disgruntled ex-employees can whine and that’s what they are good at doing only. Resorting to rumor-mongering is so immature.

Agree ako dyan. Ascend made it possible for me to buy the stuff I need and I have peace of mind working there. Haters are lazy ex- employees.

Those haters are the call center hoppers who are notorious for resigning and training for money only.

dun sa mga gusto mag work d2 wag nyo n ituloy kung ayaw nyo pagtawanan ng mga frends nyo hu also works in a call center..nakakatawa mga accounts ng ascend (painting service,janitorial service,cleaning service)accounts b yan..hahahaha

sarap ng buhay ko dito, bakit ako aalis? 30k porma tech, ketdi ko pa yung managers. hahaha. as usual, kahit kelan naman walang utak yung mga reklamador. hahaha.

Ang ganda ng bagong office namin dito sa Ascend. I feel at home kasi ang saya ng work kaya.

Akalain mu from Ayala triangle na Xynergyz pa ang name ng company na to then lumipat ng Robinson Summit Center at nagpalit ng pangalan na Ascend Asia ngayon nasa Burgundy nalang at still Ascend Asia pa rin. Getting bigger ba ito o Smaller??

Ascend Asia has been renamed to Janet Honrales Enterprises where the majority of employees and supervisors and managers (even the security and janitors) are the relatives of Matt Bagley’s squeeze(FHM model daw). They have moved from Burgundy Tower to Pres

Ascend Asia is one of the pioneer centers that I’ve been with. It was once a good company controlled by few responsible individuals till the time everyone would like to take their share…their bigger part of the piece. I’m not surprised why these thi

i finished 3rd year college i want to work in ascendasia as a receptionist pde po part time?

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