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Ascentri Inc.

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Ascentri Inc. is a company known as a support center catering the Australian business, Coinopsolutions. Coinopsolutions was founded in 1999 and has expanded, and currently, the company is recognized as the largest operator of crane/claw amusement machines in Australia. Ascentri Philippines also has commissions with a number of major shopping center groups, apart from providing support and services to the Koalakrane franchise business. It has been over two years ago when the Ascentri Inc.’s office in Cebu was established. This office was founded to provide support services to the Australian business, and is considered an integral part of the business.


Ascentri Inc. provides Australian businesses the following services:
– Customer service
– Accounting
– IT

Why Work at Ascentri Inc.
The opportunity to work with an Australian company is just one of the many advantages of working at Ascentri. Being able to work with a multinational company can be a crucial part of your professional growth, especially if you have plans to take further steps in the professional field. This is one of the main reasons why employees choose to stay and work in the company, apart from the competitive salary that it offers. Furthermore, it is distinctively inspiring to work at Ascentri, because, although it is known to be a business process outsourcing company, it is not a call center so you will not be required to take calls. Also, since you will be working with Australian clients, there is no way that you would be assigned to a graveyard shift – work is dayshift. In addition to that, the company also provides free lunch, coffee and additional non-work holidays with pay.

Job Opportunities

The company is continuously looking for talented professionals who can be part of the team. If you are the kind of individual that is driven by passion of providing ultimate customer satisfaction and is enthusiastic about positive results, then you can be one of them. Application process takes a week and successful candidates are entitled to the following benefits:
– Miscellaneous allowance
– Medical, dental benefits
– Incentive programs
– Company outings
– Regular working hours: day shift, Mondays-Fridays

Visit the Ascentri now, take advantage of the opportunity to work with a multinational company and boost up your career growth.

Ascentri Philippines call center office address:

  • Ascentri Cebu
    2/F Crown 7 Building
    Pope John Paul II Ave.
    Kasambagan, Cebu

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