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ASECAsia Philippines

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ASECAsia Philippines is a U.S. based business process outsourcing company that provides an all inclusive approach to fully support business in enhancing performance and productivity. ASEC Asia Philippines prides itself with its integrated American style approach to management and backed up by 25 years of experience to its more than 200 international BPO clients in the world. ASECAsia Philippines possesses industry leading expertise for each its markets guarantee that its individual client superior measurable value. This is marked by rapid program implementation to ensure companies to take the lead in their respective fields. Cost management is also at the core of its programs, which has become precedence for success in our modern globalized economy.

ASEC Asia Philippines provides a wide-rang of services from graphics development, internet content management, web design and development, documentation, information processing, and customer contact solutions. In the Philippines, ASEC specialized in production support that included graphics design, legal transcription and editing, data encoding, and processing. ASECAsia Philippines started as a niche player that served the US Yellow page industry and evolved to become a world class leader in business process outsourcing for international brands.

ASEC Asia call center is located in:


how can we apply here? is it true that your company does not accept female applicants?

how can we apply here?

I came from the scoping dept of ASEC. Rampant in-your-face favoritism. All employees were on contractual basis during my time in ’05.


150 traning alowance ppayag ba kayu taz after 1-2months pa bagu kayu pumirma ng contract?kawawa nmn.lahat ng mga senior artist nagsilayasan na yung mga natitira nlng yung kapit sa patalim, umaasa na baka kaawaan ng kumpanya, asec magabago n kayu..baklita

To management and hr grabe ang ginagawa nyo sa applicante pagta take nyo ng exam tapos di naman nyo chine check ano yun…tapos 2 months ba magtatambay para sa trainee at training allowance 150. maawa naman kayo sa mga applicante.

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