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ASIA Call Center Link

Posted on March 26, 2018 | 2 Comments on ASIA Call Center Link

ASIA Call Center Link is committed to set global standards for the call center industry in the Philippines through recruitment, training, and workforce outsourcing. ASIA Call Center Link is a division of ASIA Partnership Philippines specializing in call center recruitment, training and call center outsourcing. ASIA Call Center Link recruits call center professionals for all levels from call center agents; supervisors, team leaders, and managers. ASIA Call Center Link provides global search for call center professionals for the pioneering industry.

What distinguishes ACCL from other typical call center companies is it conducts its own rigorous integrated training and recruitment of its agents to ensure quality service. Whereas all IT advantages can be replicated, human resources can not be replicated. ASIA Call Center Link uses its own time tested and proven business model and training method to ensure that its agents attain the quality standards needed to sufficiently meet the quality demands of the Australian market in terms of service efficiency, technical acumen and communication skills.

ASIA Call Center Link also functions as a call center training institution, with which people interested of becoming part of the call center industry can undergo training to improve their skills and competence to the rudiments of the job. The training is a rigid comprehensive training on customer care orientation, good communication and listening skills including specialized accent training for catering different English speaking market as well as technical proficiency in computer use from word processing to the use of internet applications.

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im 18 and im currently on my second year 1st sem.. am i qualified to apply to your company stil? hope to hear from you soon..

im 18 and im in 2nd BSCS in but i jst stop and i will enroll in 2nd sem… I want to know if im qualified in your company…

Good day! I am a graduate of a four-year course, B.S. Mathematics. I’d like to ask if when will be the hiring dates. I know that I will be an ingredient to the company

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  1. regine monsalud Reply

    have a nice day..i just want to ask if what kind of call center is this?is this local or international? even hs grad can apply this company?thank you!!

  2. 13/07/03

    do you offer free call center training?

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