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Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription

Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription or AGC is a business outsourcing company specializing in medical transcription services. AGC Philippines prides itself as the paragon of excellence when it comes to transcription where accuracy reaches perfection. Accuracy is the prime attribute that the company maintains because it recognizes the sensitivity of every medical report and records and its crucial impact to the health and lives at stake as well as the reputation of the healthcare providers. In lieu of which, Asia Global Connect Philippines developed a rigid training and testing qualification in order to ensure that it only gets the best and most accurate transcriptionist, the most skilled and the most dedicated to work. Moreover, every agent regularly undergoes monitoring in order to ensure that they will not slip below its par of excellence. Even the highly skilled and experienced are trained to attain the standards of accuracy required by the company. Meanwhile, a team of quality control is also available to further ensure the accuracy of the transcriptions.

To ensure satisfaction, Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription allows clients to get a free taste test of its quality work. It offers its services free of charge for a certain project or for a limited period of time in order for clients to evaluate the accuracy and quality of work that the company provides. Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription is a company who wants to measure quality in tangible terms. It doesn’t simply make claims but walk the talk. Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription provide transcription of medical records of different specialities including cardiology, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endocrinology, musculoskeletal, and neurology, among others.

Asia Global Connect Medical Transcription is headquartered in Singapore but has a global network of service providers.

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