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Asia Outsourcing Gamma

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Asia Outsourcing Gamma is the new name of SPi Global, the largest Filipino-owned business process outsourcing company in the Philippines particularly owned by the largest Filipino telecommunications company, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company or PLDT. Spi Global has over 15,000 employees in 24 service centers across the world serving over 500 international clients in different industries from publishing, healthcare, financial services and government world wide.

Asia Outsourcing Gamma became the new name of Spi Global after the company was acquired by CVC Capital Partners a London-based private equity and investment advisory firm. CVC bought 80% shares of the Spi Global, which was renamed Asia Outsourcing Gamma. PLDT maintains 20% of the same company with the new name.

CVC is a UK based private equity and investment advisory firms established in in 1981, which has a global network of over 20 offices. The company has over US50 billion dollars of funds that it manages from a diverse investor base. The investment of CVC merely reflects the growing interest and confidence of financiers to invest money in the Philippines particularly in the BPO industry which is seen to continue its progressive growth at exponential rate.

Meanwhile, Asia Outsourcing Gamma BPO operations will not changed but is expected however to further expand following the new mileage provided by its foreign investors.

At the moment, Asia Outsourcing Gamma is expected to continue with the main services of Spi Global. In Content Solutions, it will still offer Publishing, ePublishing & Digital Solutions, Content Platform & Technologies, Customer Support Services, Content Development & Enrichment, Marketing Services Support, Content Distribution and Innovation Lab. For Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it will continue providing Customer Care, Technical Support, Sales Support, B2B Electronic Data Exchange, Financial Services, Market Surveys & Research, Procurement & Logistics, Appointment Setting & Lead Generation, Back Office Fulfillment, Social Media Response Management, and Quality and Process Management. Asia Outsourcing Gamma is also expected to maintain its healthcare special services namely Revenue Cycle Management (accounts management, recovery and physician billing), Health Information Management (clinical documentation) and Cloud Application Hosting.

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