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Asia Pacific Digital

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In the business world, you certainly cannot go out alone. You need friends and individuals with the same interests and at to some extent, abilities as you to further your ambitions and aspirations. This is not only applicable to people, but also to companies too. A certain group of companies know better than to take matters into their own hands.

Asia Pacific Digital (APD) is a merger company and digital services provider which was born out of the aspirations of leading digital pioneers, companies who have been major players in the industry in their respective global regions. These five companies- Next Digital, dgm, Empowered Communications, Jericho and @ccomplice – banded together to form a single entity to provide a much bigger and brighter package of solutions for clients.

Asia Pacific Digital boasts of a strong heritage, having constituent companies being in the industry since its infancy with an average of 13 years and the oldest, 19 years. Each company have been leaders in their respective fields from web development, customer acquisition and email communications to design and strategy.

There is strength in numbers, that’s what they say. This is an appropriate truth for APD because since merging, the now combined company has seen an incredible increase in customer reach and consequently, revenue. APD Philippines has since been servicing clients from different regions such as South-East Asia, Australasia and Greater China. Not only did it improve its reach but also, it has acquired the ability to provide services for a range of industries such as automotive, global consumer brands, telcos, and ecommerce leaders which includes many iconic names.

The entire workforce of the company comprises of nearly 400 professionals operating from 10 offices across the Asia Pacific Region. Among its branches include: Australia- Melbourne, China – Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand – Auckland, Philippines – Manila and Singapore.

Despite its small and almost exclusive workforce, APD has managed to set a lasting foothold in its industry. Here’s why: its employees are the fuel that keeps APD’s engine running and improving. If you are an individual who wants to strive for digital excellence and be a part of an ambitious regional business, this company might just be the right place for you. As the company is a leader in its industry, joining would be an opportunity to collaborate and innovate with Asia’s finest.

Asia Pacific Digital Philippines call center office address:

  • APD Makati
    9/F V Corporate Center
    125 LP Leviste Street
    Salcedo Village
    Makati City, Philippines

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