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Asialink Finance Corporation

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Asialink Finance Corporation is a group of professionals belonging to different fields. These people have seen the opportunity in investing in the increasing consumer financing business. Robert B. Jordan, and his colleagues have established this financial corporation in June, 1997. AFC is now the leading and fastest growing finance company in the Philippines.

Asialink Finance Philippines is first engaged as Appliance Group Financing. However, due to some financial crisis, it has directed itself in providing loans to business men, doctors, and other professionals in year 2000. Until now, it has been providing affordable loan products to its clients nationwide. Moreover, Asialink Philippines caters to the financial needs of businesses and individuals.

Products and Services
Basically, this financial corporation offers loans to its clients. These loans are doctor’s loan, appliance loan, educational load, salary loan, beneficiary loan, motorcycle loan, truck loan, car loan, real estate loan, and medical assistance loan. It caters all loan products that you need. Hence, you may also check the terms of agreement before dealing with this company. Aside from that, make sure that you are qualified enough to acquire a loan. According to their website, only people from 21-59 years old are allowed to have a loan. Aside from this, one has to complete his or her requirements in order to apply.

Why Should You Work Here
This customer support service company will not let you feel that you are actually working. It has a productive and fun work place. People here are good, starting from heads, supervisor and manager. No one will ever feel pressured while working in this company. This job is also fulfilling and satisfying when one has completed his or her tasks. Motivations are in the form of incentives as well. Hence, one can truly enjoy the labor of his or her work.

Asialink Philippines will definitely give you a different kind of journey as your take your chosen career path. Your career has just started if you plan to work her. Innumerable opportunities can be acquired in this company as well. Markets and other chances are yet to be known. Hence, working in this company gives one the ability to be flexible because the nature of this task is flexible too. You are in the safe hands when you work in Asialink Finance Corporation. Nobody will be left out if they will invest their youth, energy, enthusiasm and precious time working here.

Asialink Finance Philippines call center office location:

  • Asialink Ortigas
    21/F AIC Gold Tower
    Emerald Avenue cor Garnet Road
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Tel: (632) 637-6983

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