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Asiatype Philippines

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Asiatype is a Philippine-based company that specializes in publishing products and solutions in distinct subsidiaries namely Datagrafix, Asiatype Publishing and Asiatype Distribution. Datagrafix is the subsidiary that handles the pre publication services including page composition, eBook creation and digital publishing services. Asiatype Publishing is constituted of Accu-map for map publications and for printed and GPS-enabled services. Finally, Asiatype Distribution provides distribution services.
Incidentally, this subsidiary has expanded international product distribution to include stationery/office supplies, Audio CDs, educational gift items Each subsidiary, while providing an integrated service also individual function as separate business process outsourcing companies that makes their specialized services available for clients.

Among the services provided by Asiatype Philippines included Integrated Print and Electronic Workflow, Editorial Services, EBook Conversion, Image Processing, Multilingual Capability, Prepress, Project Management, Mapping, GIS Services & Solutions, Map Digitizing & Data Conversion, Map Design, Illustration & Printing. Data conversion or the conversion of analogue print materials to digital materials is another expertise of the company, which it is also developing in line with the demand for online resources in line with the growing electronic education in the country.

Asiatype has sales branch offices in New Jersey, US and Paris, France for serving growing US and European markets. Asiatype Philippines has over 20 years of industry experience in publication and production that is capable of providing customizable services and capacity for small and large companies. The company has a team of expert editors, graphic artists, writers, and other press experts that provide international class services. Since its creation, Asiatype has produced hundreds of thousands of print and electronic books, journals, textbooks encyclopedias, guides, catalogues and other materials. Incidentally, Asiatype is known for the Encyclea, which is a compilation of travel guidebooks about the Philippines. This travel guidebook is an important source for the development of the GPS services for the Philippines.

Asiatype Philippines call center office address:

  • AsiaType Ortigas
    Columbia Towers 11F
    Ortigas Ave., Greenhills
    Mandaluyong City, Philippines

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