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Assurance Spiels for Call Centers

Assurance spiels or scripts are words or phrases to provide a positive declaration to its intended receiver to give confidence or a promise. This is important for ensuring that the results match the desired outcomes and to keep customers satisfied. There are different spiels to assure customers. The most traditional assurance spiels are as follows:

I would be happy to help
I’d be happy to help you
It is my pleasure to help you
I certainly can help you with that
I will gladly assist you with your situation
I will make sure that you get it.
I will personally look into it.
It will be done as scheduled
I promise that you will get it.
Be assured that it will be ready by.. (this date)
Rest assured that we will work on it.
Consider it done.
I have it all covered.
I will make sure of it
I am certain that…

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