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Assurance Statements in Customer Service

Customer service is essentially providing assistance or help to customers. Assurance statements are actually words or statements that will assure and appease customers that help will be provided and their concerns, issues and problems will be resolved. There are many ways in which assurance to customers can be conveyed in order to pacify and satisfy customers.

At the onset, an assurance can be expressed by the agent by uttering one’s willingness to help such as by saying “I would be happy to help”. Also, after hearing the complaint for instance of a customer, the agent can reply by saying, “I certainly (or definitely) can help you with that”. Assurance can also be achieved throughout the conversation with the customer by using the words “I will” to show that things or promises will be proactively done. Instead of merely answering yes, one can respond with gusto by saying “absolutely” yes of course or by commenting “no problem”. This will help assure the customer that he or she need not worry about his or her problem because they will be addressed or resolved at the soonest possible time.

In closing the dialogue with customer, the agent can convey assurance by saying, my pleasure (for helping) or if the company allows so, assure the company of a call back after issue is resolved done. Customer should feel that they are valued individually and as individuals.

In uttering these assurance statements, it is equally important to monitor the tone of your voice. The utterance of the assurance statement should be lively or energetic yet not too over confident or cocky instead of bored and tired. Else, the assurance statements that the agent utters will not sound sincere or honest to the disappointment or fury of the customer.

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