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Asurion Philippines

Posted on April 28, 2021 | 1 Comment on Asurion Philippines

In the age of information technology, modern society is marked by the prevalence of communication devices through which people practically receive all kinds of business services from basic communication, entertainment, education and other information based service. Asurion Philippines was founded to provide support to this communication devices which can either get lost, broken or damaged every year.

Asurion Philippines, also known as Techlog Center Philippines, offers subscriber-based businesses that provides consumer technology protection services worldwide by providing both and technical hardware and software support to ensure that these communication devices run smoothly and perfectly and maintain its ability to serve its purpose. Asurion Call Center provide services to the telecommunication and retail industries through its different carrier and manufacturers.

The importance of Asurion services has never been more emphasized with the prevalence of communication devices for the storage of the most important data and information. Asurion Philippines helps keep this data secure and protected, maintain privacy and ensure that such devices continue to productively and effectively serve people’s needs. Asurion Philippines call center also provides insurance that provide handset, electronics, and technical protection that ensure coverage for any loss, theft or damage that might occur.

Asurion International set up a wholly owned subsidiary branch office in the Philippines which was known as the Techlog Center Philippines. The Asurion TCP help extend the companies services that provide technical software support for its clients especially in North America. To ensure that the new branch is able to provide the same standard quality that its Asurion provides, Asurion Philippines imparted the company culture that defines its core values that guide the action of all its employees. This is the result driven culture to deliver service excellence by acting as one team and acting with integrity.

Asurion Philippines also provides buyer protection through extended service and warranty plans that assures replacement of lost devices as well as product support services for the retail and manufacturing companies of communication devices, including cellular phones, smart phones, personal computers, televisions, home theaters, laptops, routers, servers security systems, and other communications gadgets. In particular Asurion Philippines call center provides Handset Insurance Services, Warranty Management and Equipment Maintenance Services, Debt Protection, Mobile Applications and Roadside Assistance Services.

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