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Asus Philippines Customer Service

ASUS was coined from the Greek mythical winged horse Pegasus. Like its namesake, ASUS is the embodiment of knowledge and intellect. Asus, being one the front liners of Taiwan’s Information Technology Industry, continues to provide great technological advances with every product it makes. With more than 12,500 employees worldwide, ASUS’ success is unstoppable. With innovative, reliable and user friendly Information Technology products, ASUS market and profitability is steadfast in creating worldwide business relevance. In a time where phones, tablets and computers are a necessity, it is important to note that these products will be used by almost all people. It is important to note that as most people use these products, it must be available, reliable, affordable and usable.

Customer Service Support plays a great role in sustaining company success. The main of goal of the support staff is to make your pre and post sales a breeze. If you want to know more about a product, the team provides suggestions that will most likely fit your current needs. More so, to maintain product functionality, the team helps you troubleshoot the product appropriate to the current situation. ASUS ensures that you will be assisted on your inquiries as fast as possible. Available Mondays through Fridays at 9am-6pm, your issues and concern are resolved in no time. Your worries will vanish in no time.

Support Highlights

Corporate Sustainability Report
Corporate Sustainability Reports include social and environmental reports relevant in educating consumers about the product advantages and disadvantages. These reports are continually updated to ensure that the general public knows about the product ensuring company communication and transparency.

Product Take Back
ASUS supports and reinforce the value of recycling. Your old phones, tablets and computers may be returned to ASUS. ASUS will then communicate with recycling labels to ensure that the parts of old products are turned into useful and improved products.

Green Products
Materials used in ASUS products are tested for environmental regulations. ASUS dedicated itself for environmental protection since 2000. As environment protection advocate, ASUS continually use eco label parts to ensure safe and quality products

Trust is earned not given. With this in mind, ASUS continually strives to provide excellent products and services to consumers.

Asus Customer Service Hotline: +63-2-7985700

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