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Atalian Global Services

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A world-class facility management specialist, Atalia Global Services has put itself on the map through its steady growth in terms of profit and work force. As proof to the trustworthiness of our service, an estimated 25,000 companies have been supported by Atalian Global Services.

Over 9,500 employees work hand in hand to provide customers the support needed from any part of Atalia system. With tight work force, Atalian Global Services is capable of answering the phone whenever a call for help arrives.

Talking about income, the annual gross for the Atalian Global Services was 1.860 billion Euros in the year 2016, which goes to show that the company is very viable when it comes to generating money through services. The figures are more than just numbers as it represent the path Atalian is heading as a company and global services provider.

Our services are our bread and butter; it’s what our legacy is built on. We’ve managed to create a very specific outline for our services that is sure to yield in success every time out. The primary support Atalian Global Services provides is Facility Management. We take care of anything that’s concerns the facilities in your offices as we come up with solutions to your problems.

Atalian Global Services also provides cleaning services in the form of office keepers. Our company also caters to Technical Maintenance and Security to fortify the protection of your offices against unexpected system failures and other safety issues. Moreover, we also accept private services like landscaping to further enhance the aesthetics of your homes.

From its French roots, Atalian Global Services have branched out and have erected offices around the different countries. Presently, Atalia Global Services has spread its customer services in the USA, Asia, Africa and other parts of Europe. In the Philippines, we have locations in Manila, Iloilo and Cebu, so our clients can experience the world-famous Filipino courtesy.

Atalian Global Services office address:

  • Atalian Ortigas
    4/F OAC Building
    San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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