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Audio Dicta Transcription

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Fast Accurate and Secure – these are the tree basic pillars that constitute the promise of Audio Dicta Transcription or ADTC, the premier Business Process Outsource (BPO) Provider for all types of internet based transcription services.

Audio Dicta Transcription is created and instituted by innovative entrepreneurs from the Education and Health Care services who knows the ins and outs of both sectors. For more the 10 decades, Audio Dicta Transcription Philippines has a wide, empirical and pragmatic knowledge of the integrated work of physicians and health facilities empowering the company an integrated expertise on innovative technology and healthcare experience that is essential to provide complete all-inclusive solutions especially for medical transcription.

Audio Dicta Transcription essentially provide medical transcription technology and services to healthcare institutions as well as and individual physicians doing solo practice or as part of group ranging from little clinics to large medical facilities across the United States and in some parts of Europe. The company has a team of proficient transcriptionists that aid and support clients through its protected networks, and internet -based system with incorporated with multi communication channels. ADTC provides technology and solutions that assist medical health experts and companies handle their health records by delivering quick, accurate and secure reports. However, Audio Dicta Transcription also provides transcription outsourcing not only for healthcare but also for legal, publishing, financial accounting, computer aided design and contact center companies.

The services of Audio Dicta Transcription Philippines included sturdy and user friendly web-based Medical Transcription Service, top-quality digital medical transcription services intended particularly for healthcare practitioners and hospital institutions, customized ADTC Clinic Plan Services and Document Management Tools, dependable document management with 24/7 internet-based access, online review, editing and saving, digital signature and secure email.

Audio Dicta Transcription utilizes the state of the art equipment in the workstations of individual transcription professional, as well as network infrastructure that ensures data security (firewall, encryption and FTP), network redundancy, VPN implementations and reliable connectivity with clients. Audio Dicta Transcription Services is headquartered in 963 Lansing Lane, Costa Mesa, California USA.

Audio Dicta Transcription Philippines call center office address:

  • Audio Dicta Las Pinas
    Basement 2, Health Tower Building
    Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City

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