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Office Beacon Philippines

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Office Beacon is one of the top business process outsourcing companies in the world. It has been recognized by a prominent award giving body, INC 5000. This company has laid their plans and proposals in keeping good relationship with their clients. Their effective strategies have made them rise on top. Furthermore, they are specializing various services which make them trusted by lots of highly competitive companies. In fact, they have been providing services to lots of companies and industries. Thus, Office Beacon Philippines only shows that they are trusted by more business professionals. Thus, their company has made its way on the top because of their effective communication strategies. It has started with a small rented office, but now it also works with lots of employees in over four different countries.

Office Beacon Philippines offers inbound services for their clients. They have worked in providing order management. Office Beacon Philippines manages the orders for their clients seamlessly. First, they make sure that orders are received and processed well. Then, they work on if there are missing orders and other things. Once they verify everything, there will be deliveries and invoice to the distributor. These simple steps have made their services well. Aside from this, Office Beacon also offers pre-press graphic design services. The company offers art processing, image editing, vector art, virtuals, flyers and other sell sheets. This truly improve the management and marketing system of a company. In addition to this, they also provide e-mail management and handling. Since e-mail is the most convenient way in transacting, then they have worked hard in keeping this aspect well-competing among other companies as well. Hence, it is truly worthwhile transacting in Office Beacon Philippines.

Why Should You Work Here?
Office Beacon Philippines has expanded up to the Philippines. This just reflects their attitude and business plans which are truly trusted and reliable. Indeed, they have given their services not only to their clients but also to their employees. They do know that their employees are the key in making the business successful. Thus, they value the people who work for them. They provide training and other professional development strategies, too. Their compensation is truly commendable that it enables their employees to be the best version of themselves. Furthermore, they also make it sure that their employees enjoy the different perks that they have. They never fail to make their employees satisfied.

Office Beacon Philippines call center office address:

  • Office Beacon Makati
    7/F BA Lepanto Building
    8747 Paseo de Roxas Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

Three Effective Tips in your BPO Journey

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Business process outsourcing has done lots of benefits to those who wish to achieve more in life. With its satisfying compensation and various perks, BPO companies give doors of opportunities. Professional development has been given to their employees. Lots of people have enjoyed learning new skills in the business world. Indeed, it has become a bread and butter for all.

Are you part of the BPO industry? If yes, then here are some tips in being consistent in what you do. These tips are effective in making your work a better place to stay in.

Remember that BPO consists a variety of jobs. Since it involves all business transactions, you are bound to learn a lot of things. You may even know and adapt the system that they have. This fact assures you that professional development is surely continuous. You are bound to learn. In addition to this, make sure that you learn the things that are related to your job. Do not bind yourself in your usual talent. Make the most out of everything.

Give yourself a break. A quote says that whatever you do after your work determines your future. Therefore, you must do the things that you really want to do after work. Is there a sport that you wish to learn? Is there a course that you wish to pursue? These things help you in minimizing the boredom which may result to unwanted weariness. You can avoid fatigue only if you have activities that are related to your passion.

Lastly, be the best version of yourself in your company. Some may not understand what your work is. Hence, you should use this statement as an aspiration in doing your best. This includes your punctuality in the working area. Showing them that you are submitting your paper works on time is certainly a big must in any BPO company.

These are some of the things that you may wish to remember if you get weary in doing the same work all over again. Remember that working in a BPO is an opportunity for you to grow. You are closed to lots of opportunities which you may not have tried before. You are now bound to learn new skills which may be impossible to learn if you are not in a BPO company. Hence, remember these three effective tips.

Mclinica Philippines

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Acquiring a healthy life is one of the priorities of every nation. Whenever there is a need for promoting wellness, every government organization coordinates with only the best companies. Thus, mClinica Philippines has extended their assistance in keeping the healthy lifestyle of every Filipino. Basically, they build the digital networks of professionals who are aligned with medical needs. Whether they are pharmacies, doctors, and patients, Mclinica Philippines offers what everyone needs about health. Aside from these, they also collect the data that no one else can search. Since this company is a big network, they can actually know what the world needs. Their insight is certainly commendable because what they exclaim is certainly part of their research. Lastly, they also promote tools that help their clients to promote their wellness.

Since their company is a group of health-related professionals, then they can certainly provide what is needed by their clients. Here are their services.

For pharmacies and pharmacy professionals, they provide the tools for their government compliance. Whatever kinds of papers do they need, one can be confident in receiving what they need. Aside from that, they also provide professional support, collaboration, jobs and education.

For pharmaceutical companies, there is a patient access and various programs that promote different vaccines as well. There are also effective loyalty program for those who always need it. There is promotion of real-time pharmacy level data. Thus, this is a big help for them, too.

For government and NGOs, they can certainly achieve what they need when it comes to providing the health information system as well. Certainly, this is a good point for those who need it. There are also controlled substances in case people may need it.

Why Should You Work Here?
Mclinica Philippines is an outcome of a big expansion of this company worldwide. They have invested in keeping their company to be on the top. They promote health and wellness through effective management system as well. Indeed, once you work here, you are able to be professional and expert in the chosen field. Their benefits and compensation are highly addictive that makes you want to work and stay with them. In addition to this, you surely enjoy working here because of the nourishing environment that they have. You will feel motivated and encouraged because of this endless opportunities and unlimited door of new learning.

Best Call Center Career Path

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Working in the call center does not mean you are going to take calls and interact with your customers forever. At some point, you also need to think about what lies ahead, what career path you are going to take after a year or two. There must be lots of opportunities presented to you that you might want to grab. Yet, there’s still a big question in your head – what do I want to do in the call center industry, apart from taking calls? Here is your quick guide to know which upward move you are going to take.

You are always concerned about your team’s stats. You always aim for the best. Your teammates listen and do what you suggest for them to perform better. Having these qualities, then you ought to be a team leader. The team leader, or sometimes known as the supervisor is responsible for the team stats, and always make sure that everyone is doing well, not only in their scorecards, but also in the personal sense.

You are known to be the issue-resolver. You always get the perfect QA scores and you know all the products and services even when fast asleep. If you are just being described, then you have two choices – a quality analyst or a product trainer. Both positions are in need of technical skills and expertise. Thus, you need to be an expert when it comes to the company’s SOPs as well as the products and services. As a quality analyst, you are expected to listen to the agents’ calls, both live and recorded and have the calls graded. A product trainer, on the other hand, provides training to the new-hire agents.

You are the grammar guru of the team. Apart from the fact that you excel in your calls, you are always commended for being polite over the phone and always know the right words to say to your customers. If this is you, then you ought to be a speech trainer. Before the new-hire agents are deployed in the operations floor, they are subjected to undergo speech training to polish their grammars, pronunciation and other elements in their communication skills. You are also going to train them about proper customer service etiquette. Your being a grammar guru, as well as your nice choice of words are probably your greatest asset here.

What are Call Center Hoppers?

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If you are working in a call center, you must already have heard of ‘call center hoppers’. They are the employees or agents who move from one call center to the next for many and various reasons. You might have a lot of peers who are doing this, or you might even be one of them. What could be the possible reasons for these employees to hop from one company to the next? Here are some of their usual reasons.

In search of the greener pasture. This simply means the agents are in search of a company that provides better salary package and better compensation and benefits. These agents usually stays in the company for not more than six months. They submit their immediate resignation letter once they’ve heard a company that offers a lot more than what they are currently getting.

Less-toxic work or account. Some agents are okay with the salary, but they are not willing endure the toxic job brought about by high volume of calls, or the pressure of a difficult and sensitive accounts. Outbound and inbound sales, telemarketing, financial accounts and telecommunications are just some of the campaigns that are considered toxic. So they would look for a company where there is massive hiring for a simple account.

In search of a better management. If it is not the salary or the load of work, then it would be the management – basically the way the agents are being handled by the management team. There are some companies that appear to not care about their employees, and their employee requirements are just impossible to achieve.

They are not just good enough to be regularized. There are some who are really determined to stay for long – it’s just that they cannot produce the certain number that the company requires of them. They may quit before the regularization date, or their immediate supervisor would just give them the notice that their contract has already ended.

Keep in mind that you are considered a call center hopper if you have already been employed to several companies and your tenure usually do not exceed six months. This is something that would reflect badly in your employment records. As much as possible, stick to one company and give yourself the chance to grow in that company. There are lots of things that you can learn from them even if the salary is not that competitive. Remember that hard work and loyalty is always rewarded.

Global Agility Solutions

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Global Agility Solutions is a company based in Austin TX which is known to provide outsourcing services to different businesses coming from different industries. It provides its clients with the ability to assimilate domestic and offshore support in a cost effective way. Whether the company wants to outsource its entire operation or just the specific aspects of its platform, Global Agility Philippines offers an adaptable staff that comes with distinct pricing models to guarantee that the company only pays for what it needs, when it needs and at the level of execution that the client and their customers require.

The company is comprised of professional team members and dedicated partner support teams to ensure that the services given to the clients are at the optimum level.

Products and Services

Data Entry – Data and project management are made easier for the clients in this service. Global Agility provides a great, professional team that can handle data validation and entry, transcription and conversion of data to be transferred to a different system.
– Outsourced Solutions
– Unique By-The-Field Pricing Options
– Long and Short Term Project Support

Call Center – Global Agility also provides inbound and outbound call center services to support the company’s customers and brands. The agents are professionally trained and are capable of providing solutions and a partner that is always ready to go.
– CRM and Connectivity Ready-To-Go
– Ability to integrate to the clients’ systems
– Customer Reporting Portals and Analytics

Virtual Workforce – Global Agility also provides virtual workforce that are trained and ready to engage. The team members assigned here has expertise in virtual support, web research, MS office programs, email management and many other functions.
– Plans Starting at 40 Hours Per Week
– Hourly or Project-Based Pricing Models
– Customized Support Schedules and Hours

Why Work at Global Agility Solutions
Global Agility Solutions is composed of professionally trained staff working with advanced and innovative infrastructure and customer management tools. Employees are then provided with the necessary tools needed to function and do their jobs properly. The company also promotes work-life balance and so, the work environment, although professional looking, is comfortable and enjoyable. Global Agility values its employees and that is why it makes sure that they are well taken care of. Apart from providing them with impressive salary and compensation packages, they are also being given the opportunity to enhance and develop their skills. Development in the professional as well as in the personal level could be achieved if one is working at Global Agility Solutions.

Global Agility Solutions Philippines call center office address:

  • Global Agility Baguio
    5/f CYA Centrum
    Military Cut-Off Road
    Baguio City, Philippines

Altura Teleservices

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Altura Teleservices is an Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing Company which is one of the fastest growing companies in the Philippines. Aside from providing IT & BPO services, the company commits in offering only the top quality and effective campaign programs and other services in order for their clients to grow their business as well. They never fail to offer the programs and proposals which have generated profitable incomes to their clients. The way Altura Teleservices assist is highly recommendable to different businesses and companies. The way they deliver their processes has created impressive outcomes.

Businesses have been working with Altura Teleservices because of their lots of their effective services. Here are some of the following services.

Customer Service – Since not all companies are hands on in keeping their customer services connected, thus this company does this job for them. With Altura’s professional customer service representatives, they have worked in providing only the best for them.

Financial Services – Whenever you are in doubt in having financial transactions, then this company is made for you. It has given businesses a chance to excel in advices that truly promotes effective for them.

Hotel Reservation – Some are not that expert in booking hotel reservation. Thus, this company is just for them whenever they need an assistance in keeping everything in order. Thus, it is just one of a kind experience for businesses.

Technical Support – This service is just made for those companies who wish to give their clients support in whatever their concern is. This kind of service promotes a healthy relationship with businesses and their company’s clients as well.

Why Should You Work Here?
Everyone knows that IT-related jobs are truly demanded these days. In fact, it has generated lots of opportunities outside the country as well. Thus, working in Altura Teleservices has offered more opportunities to those who wish to excel in their chosen career. Its overflowing perks have made success possible. Thus, people who work here becomes more professional in their career path. Altura Teleservices has offered attractive compensation that makes their employees stay. They also increase various perks for their clients and employees to enjoy. Nonetheless, they have also provided the training and effective management programs for their people as well. Learning is truly unending cycle here. Thus, one is assured to receive only quality working experience here.

Altura Teleservices Philippines call center office address:

  • Altura QC
    6/f West Insula Building
    West Avenue, Quezon City

Be Financially Literate Call Center Agent

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Everyone knows that Business Process Outsourcing Companies do offer a good fortune to those who wish to work for them. It employs professionals and shower them with various perks and benefits that only certain companies can give. This treasure has truly given their employees an opportunity to be more financially stable. However, there are some employees who cannot maintain a balance in their lifestyle. They are indulged in the lifestyle that a typical call center agent does. They enjoy overly priced coffee, buy branded clothes, and spend so much money in traveling. This has certainly resulted to negative effects later on.

Hence, every call center agent should be financially literate. This applies especially to those who are neophytes in the industry. If you do not know how to manage your finance, then here are the things that you need to know.

Determine the percentage of your salary that would comprise your budget. Some use the 70-20-10 formula. People allocate twenty percent in their savings. Some people also use the ten percent of their salary to donate to the church or other non-government organizations. You, too, can find your essence in the world by doing it.

Get your life insurance at the time that you do not need it. Starting to insure yourself while you are young makes you more stable in the future. Moreover, life insurance comes up with mutual funds. These funds generate more interest compared when you save money in the bank.

Always save for the rainy day. Make sure that your ATM is different from your payroll ATM. This means that you should have your own passbook. Your emergency fund can be saved here. Emergency fund is three months of your monthly salary. You can use this in times of need.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of stock market. You can certainly save money in a long run when you save it in the stock market. It is somehow risky but then the risk is worth trying. It gives you more opportunities to increase your market shares later on.

These simple tips help you in keeping your money safe. Make sure that you will not indulge yourself into much pleasure in the world. Save for the rainy day. You will never know when emergency can happen. Moreover, you are definitely in safe hands if you know how to spend wisely.

Upmedio Philippines

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Upmedio Philippines is a digital company that offers information technology services to its clients. It has partnered with lots of companies. and owned by professionals who are serious in their business. They focus in looking for various ways which are IT-related too. Upmedio Philippines creates solutions that assist the companies in what they need to achieve. Furthermore, they also provide the services that every business needs. In addition to this, this company is also a collaboration among nations which seek to provide success to their clients. They also are composed of professionals who are all experienced in what they do. They make sure to create more innovations that assure quality outcomes as well. They have come up with concepts which make everything possible. Indeed, this team speaks different languages because they value the importance of effective communication.

This business process outsourcing company has offered services that commits to effective and real outcomes. Here are some of their services.

They offer web development and design for their clients. Since having a web site is an essential factor in all businesses, Upmedio Philippines has planned of creating a web site that promotes the highlights of every companies. They do know how SEO works.

They also offer application development. Since having application is in demand these days, this company aims to provide the necessary applications that people need. Moreover, they have generated the things that every app needs.

Branding is an essential thing that a company needs. This adds life to a business or company. A business is easily known when they are presented in a clear and effective package as well.

Marketing makes the world go around for the business. The proper way in marketing has been planned by Upmedio Philippines. They create proposals that are just affordable to all.

Why Should You Work Here?
There are times that employees need to work on their professional development. This is what Upmedio Philippines provides. They train their employees and people in the field that they are in. They do know what the needs of every employees are. Thus, it also assures their employees of unlimited doors of opportunities. Since there are lots of perks and benefits, this company definitely makes sure that their business is made perfect not only for their clients but also for the team. Hence, get your resumes and apply in Upmedio Philippines.

How to Apply for a Call Center Job

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Business process outsourcing and call centers have become one of the popular job providers in the country for several years now. Many young urban professionals, especially those who are fresh graduates have benefited from this industry and many of them have acquired their first jobs as call center agents. Some college students are also given the chance to work while they study, as some of the call center companies offer educational support. How can one apply for a call center job? Here are some of the places you can go to.

Online job application. There are lots of recruitment websites that you can choose from – Jobstreet, LinkedIn, etc. where you can submit your resume online and wait for the company to call you for an interview. This is by far the thriftiest way of applying for a call center job, because you are just in the comfort of your own home while submitting resumes.

Walk-In Application. This is the traditional way of applying for a job. Basically you need to visit the company’s recruitment hub and personally submit your resume so the HR team could evaluate it. Although online job application is more popular these days, some people still choose to hop from one recruitment hub to the next to submit their resumes.

Job Fairs. Job fairs have also become popular these days. The announcements for job fairs are usually being done through social media, flyers and other promotional materials. You just have to go to one place where various companies from different industries are offering different jobs, depending on your qualifications as well as you interest.

Employee Referral. This is also a known tactic for call centers to hire employees. The employee referral program allows the employees to refer a peer or a candidate for a job post. Successful applicant and the referrer will both receive referral bonus, depending on the company’s referral program policy.

These are the most popular ways on how to apply for a call center job. Most people prefer the online job application and job fairs simply because they can distribute their resumes at a handful of companies. This gives them more chances of getting hired. Meanwhile, employee referral sounds good as well, because there is already an incentive waiting, not only for the successful applicant but also to the employee referrer. Yet, either way, you can be sure that these steps would allow you to have the opportunity to work in the BPO industry.