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Avoid Call Center Habits

Posted on January 8, 2017 | No Comments on Avoid Call Center Habits

Call centers have become the most popular source of employment in the country for several years now. In fact, working in one of these BPO companies already feel like a culture for some. Working in a call center can teach you some habits that can be so hard to break. If you are just starting, or a newbie, then these are just some of the known call center agent habits you would want to avoid.

Excessive smoking. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most famous habits of those who work in call centers. Some say it’s to relieve the stress brought about by different things like an irate caller, a customer who took so long to figure out what the agent was trying to explain, high volume of calls, and even a colleague being hard. Despite the danger it poses to health, most of them cannot just quit. Try to avoid before you become hooked.

Sunrise beer. This is very popular – after shift drinking session. Usually, this happens during the last day of the week, wherein everyone’s off work the next day. It might not be so bad if done occasionally. However, there are some who does this regardless if there is work the next night or night. Avoid this at all cost to keep yourself from being reprimanded for being drunk while at work the next shift.

Too much fast food. This is easier if you are on the day shift. However, you have very limited option if you are assigned to the graveyard shift. Your usual choices would be the fast food chains that are open 24/7, coffee shops, convenience stores, vending machines and pantry food which are not always guaranteed to be inexpensive and edible. So unless you pack your own food to work, then you have to brace yourself for all the junk it would be taking in.

Too much of the outgoing lifestyle. Yes, most people in the call center companies are known to be party animals, which is not exactly bad. Partying once in a while is good, but always remember that too much of everything is bad. You might want to allot sometime to catch up on sleep.

Of course, we do not judge those people who do the above mentioned habits. However, let’s face the truth that these habits are not exactly good, especially on your health and well-being. It is best for you to avoid these things before it’s too late.

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